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Prodeco Technologies G Plus Mariner 7 Review – The Best Electric Folding Bicycle?

March 25, 2019 |

We all know that living the sedentary lifestyle can lead to different types of health problems including chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoids, heart problems and many others. And of course, you should do every single thing possible to prevent these kinds of things from happening.

Cycling is the type of activity that helps people stay healthy. So, if you live the sedentary lifestyle then it would be better for you to buy a bicycle and ride it on a regular basis. Obviously, you should use any opportunity to ride. If the weather allows, you need to ride from the work to home and from home to the work every single day. It’s a great idea to use a bike to travel around the city daily.
It’s important to know that a bike can be used both for short distance and long distance travels. However, you are likely to get tired quickly if you choose to use a bike for long distance traveling. So, it would be better to consider the so called e-bike for long distance travels.

The G Plus Mariner 7 electric folding bike has been designed to make traveling long distance easier. First of all, you need to use your G Plus Mariner 7 as a traditional bike. Once you get tired, you’ll be able to turn your traditional bicycle into electric one. With such a bike as G Plus Mariner 7 you will be able to ride on all types of roads and overcome various challenges on your way easily. However, the most important thing is that with the G Plus Mariner 7 electric folding bicycle you’ll be able to maximize the health benefits of cycling.

The G Plus Mariner 7 is known for being the world-class electric folding bike. The bike comes with a folding aluminum alloy frame. The bike’s frame is lightweight and very durable. The G Plus Mariner 7 electric folding bike also comes with adjusting disc brakes and stainless steel rotors. There is no doubt that the G Plus Mariner 7 model is the right choice for cyclists who are looking for an electric bike.

For years, Prodeco Technologies has been manufacturing electric folding bikes of high quality. It’s worth pointing out that all of bike’s components are made in the United States of America and each of bike’s components comes with a 2 year warrantee. That means that the G Plus Mariner 7 is likely to serve you well for a long period of time.

Price: $1,199.00 (Amazon)

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