Prodeco V3 Mariner Sport Folding Electric Bicycle Review
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Prodeco V3 Mariner Sport Folding Electric Bicycle Review

Prodeco V3 Mariner Sport Folding Electric Bicycle Review

Let’s assume that you want to buy a bike that’s suitable both for short distance travels around the city and even long distance travels around the country. If this is the case, we would recommend you to consider an electric folding bicycle such as the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports.

Prodeco Technologies is the company that has many years of experience in manufacturing high quality electric folding bikes. Prodeco electric folding bikes have built a solid reputation on the market. These bicycles have become incredibly popular among cyclists in the United States and all over the world. It’s fair to say that the Prodeco electric folding bicycles have a lot to offer to riders of all experience levels.

Today, we’ll review one of the best Prodeco electric folding bikes, V3 Mariner sport model. We’ll explain to you how the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports makes a difference as an electric folding bike and what makes this bicycle so special.

The Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports Electrical Bicycle is a Great Choice

First of all, we’ll describe the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports folding electric bicycle briefly and draw your attention to the bike’s key features. It’s worth pointing out that the bike comes with the Front FSG 36V 250 Watt Motor and cell battery. These two important features make it possible for the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports folding electric bike to travel long distances and overcome various challenges easily and quickly.

The bicycle itself is very fast. With the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports folding electric bicycle you’ll be able to reach the speed of 17 miles per hour. The bicycle’s battery makes it possible for you to go the distance of 25 – 35 miles.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports folding electric bicycle is equipped with Avid BB5 Disc Brake HS1 Front and Avid Single Digit 5 V Rear. It’s pretty clear that this feature can contribute greatly to the rider’s safety. With such a rear you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening behind you.

The Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports Electrical Bicycle is constructed from great quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum Metal. This shows Prodeco Technologies’ responsibility in order to create the best E-Bikes in United States. That’s a good piece of news for cyclists who want to purchase a high quality electric bike.

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This Mariner Sport was beautifully made with incredible features that may turn eyes where ever you go with it. Wonderful material shine as well as blacked away ingredients, greater performance, as well as portability makes the Mariner V3 different from other e-bikes. This uses a three hundred watt free-spinning motor installed inside the front wheel pertaining to propulsion. This motor could be the best combination of light-weight, good performance and energy efficiency.

If the motor is attached with substantial capacity 9 Ah 38.4V advanced lithium ion battery power, it is possible to rest assured you will have a good amount of power to your bike. After you’re finished with your current journey, fold the cycle with a quick and simple three step process for storing the bike inside your closet, in the trunk of the car, or on a boat. This specific bike is highly corrosion repellent at the same time, ideal for beach area occupants and boaters.

Your Mariner 7 give bikers 8 speed drive plus a powerful three hundred watt, front-mount, free-spinning motor, at peak which offers 500 watts, can reaches speed up to 18 mph. The propulsion process of the bike is ‘power-on-demand’ varying throttle and is very easy to operate: just switch on and go, or perhaps if you thinking just of getting some physical exercise, pedal like any normal cycle, the motor in the bike only operates when you want it to. And SRAM X7 8-speed shifter gives fast along with clean shifting in between gears.

The high-capacity, 9 amps 36 volt superior lithium ion power supply (LiFePO4) has got long lasting lifetime ranging around 25-35 miles with every charge. You may take pleasure from the stopping control on the Avid BB5 brakes (front along with rear) and Avid 180mm HS1 rotors. The actual BB5 adjustment pulls help to make quick workout associated with placing a comfortable length involving the rotor and the pads. The KMC X 8.93 chain is usually a powerful, light chain which enables smooth along with rapid transferring. Mariner 7 ensures smooth journeys through suspension inside seat post plus the fork. With its 100% pure whitened shiny appearance along with 20-inch rims of aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum, the outstanding Mariner 7 is amongst the most pleasing, most comfortable e-bikes available in the market.


  • Glossy Black Metallic color.
  • Weight (with battery): 45 lbs.
  • Tires: Kenda Kontact 20 x 1.75.
  • Frame: Folding Aluminum 20″ Rim.
  • 17 mph Speed.
  • Powerful FSG 36V 250W Front Motor.
  • Avid Single 5V Rear and Avid BB5 Disc HS1 Front Brake.
  • Long-lasting 9Ah 38.4V LiFePO4 24-Cell Battery.
  • Can travel 25-35 mile distance with each charge.
  • Charging Time: 4 Hours



  • The bike is an absolute a beauty to look at.
  • Among the lightest bikes in the category.
  • The components of the bike like transmission and brakes are rock-solid and provide high-performance.
  • Long lasting battery life with high mileage and 17 mph top speed


  • Little bit complicated when it comes to assembling the bike.
  • Seat post is not very comfortable.
  • Price is bit high.

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Customer Reviews Statistics

Now, let’s take a closer look at the bike’s customer reviews statistics and try to figure out if the bike is a good option for you or not. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of cyclists are happy with the bike. According to the statistics, up to 50% of consumers have left 5 Star customer reviews, up to 17% of consumers have left 4 Star customer reviews and up to 17% of consumers have 3 Star customer reviews about the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports folding electric bicycle. Only up to 16% of consumers are unhappy with the bike.

You need to know that happy clients really like the bicycle’s great features. On the other hand, unhappy consumers say that the bike is too heavy. That’s reason why they find it hard to carry the bike when such a need arises. As you can see, the bike has its own pros and cons. So, you need to analyze everything carefully and make your own conclusions. After that you’ll be able to decide if the Prodeco V3 Mariner Sports folding electric bicycle is worth buying or not.

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Review Overview



A very high quality electric folding bicycle. Great purchase if you can afford the price.

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