Dahon Espresso Folding Bike Review
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Dahon Espresso Folding Bike Review

Dahon Espresso Folding Bike Review

Do you like the features of foldable bicycle, but can’t use it because of the smaller wheels? Do you desire you had a speedy road bicycle which took some less space in your residence when stored? Do you need a folding bike for heavy cyclists? Or, maybe, you are looking for folding bikes which are comfortable for tall people? If so, you obviously should pay a close attention to such a wonderful folding bike as Dahon Espresso.

One way or another, Dahon Espresso would be an ideal option. This type of a folding bike will undoubtedly meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations! Today, you’ll get an opportunity to find out more about this type of a folding bike.

It’s worth noting that Dahon Espresso is a folding bike that impresses cyclists with its great design, comfort, high quality parts, performance and advanced features. There is no doubt that the bike has everything that you need to enjoy a comfortable ride and get smooth riding experience.

Dahon Espresso makes a difference as a full sized folding bike with a large frame and 21 speeds. The truth is that the bike itself is very comfortable. The process of folding/unfolding a bike takes no longer than 15 – 20 seconds.

One of great benefits of Dahon Espresso is that this type of a folding bike is easy to transport. You’ll not find it hard to take the bike on train, bus and other types of public transportation. It’s important to note that Dahon Espresso is a universal bike. So, it would be easy for you to travel across the town and across the country with Dahon Espresso folding bike.

In this blog, we’ll review Dahon Espresso folding bike. Actually, the main goal of this bike review is to give cyclists an opportunity to learn more about the Dahon Espresso folding bike’s key features, pros and cons. Here, you’ll get everything you need to know about Dahon Espresso model. As a result, you’ll be able to make your own conclusions whether the bike is worth buying or not.

$699 at Amazon & Prime Eligible

A wonderful solution to your problem can be the particular Dahon Espresso foldable bicycle, the 26″ bicycle which got the simplest folding process considering the fantastic value. There’s without a doubt we can say this foldable bicycle will do all the necessary tasks. You will not think a scooter can switch into super fast motorcycle overnight, do not expect too much of the particular Dahon Espresso and still it may surpass your anticipation.

The Dahon Espresso will be the bicycle intended for elegant adventures: towards the park in the evening; or to the market for some fresh tomato, groceries, or for wine. The particular brand new Dahon Axis stem makes the folding process lot easier also Schwalbe Big Apple tires provides a more speedy ride, with lot more convenience. The newest Espresso is like the caffeine to your riding life.

This bike is really worth the amount of money. Regarding it’s capabilities such as hanging, removable handlebars, foldable pedals, plus the full size body which folds up in half size easily and rapidly; it’s actually very low-cost. Featuring a large, ergonomically crafted couch with an extremely tough body, it simply suits in your vehicle trunk area when folded, therefore, reducing your requirement for a cumbersome cycle holder. It’s a very pleasing picture to your eye since you can find a high-end folding process with a regular, full-sized bike. These other variants of which have also been created specifically with regard to walking all the life, is what can cause soreness to your eyes. While this Dahon Espresso folding cycle offers amazingly fast, very effective breaks which deliver fast-response and ability to stop.


  • Speeds: 21.
  • Folding Size: 13.3″ x 36.7″ x 30.8″ (34 x 94 x 79 cm).
  • 26-inch wheels.
  • Frame size: Small, Medium, Large.
  • Comfortable and up ride position for riding.
  • Dahon Axis stems tunes to match your height so that you can obtain the perfect position for riding.
  • You can carry it to any place it folds up within ten seconds.
  • Save the cost of car rack easily because Dahon Espresso fits any car trunk very easily



  • The tires absorb shock really well.
  • The bike easily folds within 10 seconds by one single fold of the lever.
  • This cycle is fantastic; this folds up speedily by half as well as if you want this smaller you even can fold down the handlebars.
  • Lightweight for a big folding bike.
  • Rack and mudguard are provided with the bike


  • Gear switching system is not that good because sometimes it skids and also shifts gears unexpectedly.
  • The framework doesn’t provide a very comfortable and smooth trip because of its hard and sturdy frame.


We’ve just described Dahon Espresso folding bike in detail. Now, it’s time for you to make a conclusion. And of course, you may find it difficult to decide whether Dahon Espresso model is worth money with so many folding bikes available for sale today. So, let’s do this together.

There is no doubt that Dahon Espresso would be a perfect option for those cyclists who are planning to travel with a folding bike. The reality is the bike’s folding/unfolding process is very simple and takes no longer than 30 seconds. You’ll certainly find it easy to put the bike inside your car and go with it on long road trips.

If you analyze customer reviews carefully, you’ll see that so many people say that Dahon Espresso folding bike is a well-designed and great looking folding bike. So, you’ll probably like the bike’s design too.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that Dahon Espresso is a highly durable folding bike. Keep in mind that Dahon Espresso will work efficiently even if you use the bike on a daily basis. With Dahon Espresso you will not have folding/unfolding problems over time. However, these kinds of things often happen to other types of folding bikes.

Lastly, never expect some sort of high-end quality cycle in a low price and still you may not dismayed. This specific bike offers efficient and nice folding. Dahon Espresso is a standard bike within a limited package, and a low cost point. After considering everything we can say Dahon Espresso worth every bit of the money.

Special Price: $699 at Amazon & Prime Eligible

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Great full-sized folding bicycle.

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