How to Remove Rust on Chrome Bicycle Components?
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How to Remove Rust on Chrome Bicycle Components?

How to Remove Rust on Chrome Bicycle Components?

Bicycles have become one of the key modes of transport not only outside towns, but also within major cities in the world such as New York or Amsterdam, the Netherlands where there is an ever existing culture of biking.

Despite the growing use of bikes in the towns, their maintenance is as important as the bike itself. Bikes appearance and maintenance especially to the chrome is very important. Rust destroys the pleasing appearance of a bike, especially on the chrome parts. It becomes of no use to clean a bicycle whose chrome parts have already completely rusted. Many a times is when I plan to paint the chrome parts and make them black to hide the rusting chrome parts. This was the plan until a friend pointed on some hints on how to give my bike that shining look again. Following his directions was as fruitful and very pleasing to the bike, and it was the right action to take for my bikes look sake. Here is the guideline to the simple steps to take to give your bike that look you envy.

In order to have the best outcome, here are some prerequisites:

  • First you need to have a fine steel wool.
  • The level of scratching needed depends much on the extent at which the rust is. Since mine wasn’t that bad, I choose a fine steel wool as there was no need for hard scratching.
  • Next we need to have metal polish which will be used to lubricate when rubbing of the rust from the chrome parts. Liquid polish is highly recommended for this purpose as it gives better results compared to other polishes.
  • After scrubbing the chrome parts with help of polish, next you need to have a clean cloth which will be used to polish out the scrubbed rust off the chrome surface.
  • Despite using a dirty piece of cloth, I got the desired result, but for you, keep the cloth clean to have the best of results.

How to execute this shining action on your bike?

  • Take the liquid polish-loaded steel wool and rub it on the rusted chrome parts until the rust particles are removed from the surface.
  • The way you do it matters a lot to the surface and the look of the polished parts. It’s then advisable to completely avoid circular scrubbing, but rather go in forward and backward motion. The reason to avoid the circular scrubbing is that, it leaves marks on the surface.
  • Once all the rust particles have been scrubbed off, it’s time to use your clean cloth.
  • The old clean cotton towel can be of help here. Wipe the already scrubbed surface until the look is pleasing or to how you want it.
  • When you spot some rust which is still on the surface you can re-do the scrubbing until you are satisfied that this is the best look I can give my bike. Once all the rust parts has been scrubbed, a final touch with metal polish can give the already scrubbed and wiped chrome parts that extra pleasing look you want.
  • Properly polished chrome parts of a bike will always make give that, good and attracting look, to an extent of attracting security concerns.


To hell with black painting idea, I now have a solution as an answer to chrome rust.

Until next time, ride safe.

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