History of the Folding Bike
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History of the Folding Bike

History of the Folding Bike

If it is all about longevity bikes have been around as early as the 19th century. It is also a fact that there is at least twice as much bike as there are cars.

One of the things that make people like these bikes is that it is easier to store them anywhere. It takes a simple two step process to fold the bike and store it. When the bicycle is folded, it decreases in size dramatically. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take a cyclist too long to fold/unfold a bicycle. The process of folding/unfolding a bike takes no longer than 15 seconds. As a folding bike owner you cannot help it but rejoice at the fact that these bicycles are light and so easy to maneuver.

However, the most important thing is that a folding bike can be easily taken on the public transport (bus, train, etc). Do you prefer to travel by car? If so, a folding bike would be the perfect bike for you. The reality is you’ll find it easy to put a folding bike into car trunk. All that you need to do for this is to fold your bike I order to decrease it in size. When you arrive to the necessary destination you’ll have to unfold your bike and continue cycling.

The folding bike has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Today, you’ll have a great opportunity to explore the history of the folding bike carefully.

– First of all, we’ll take a look at the beginning of the folding bike’s history. We all know that some companies have many years of experience in manufacturing different types of folding bikes. The big question is – why a folding bicycle has been around for a long period of time? Now, it’s time to get the answer to this important question!

– It’s interesting to know that the folding bike was used in many ways in the 19th century. Thus, we’ll explain to you how exactly the folding bike was used at the very beginning.

– Obviously, you must be very selective when it comes to picking a folding bike. In other words, you need to take into consideration many factors to pick the right type of folding bike. In this article we’ll tell you what to look for in a folding bike. Plus, we’ll give you tips for choosing a folding bike that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Reasons Why They Have Been Around From the 19th Century

Ever since the introduction of this cool concept people embrace it and took an active involvement. They begin using these bicycles not just to save the environment but to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You cannot deny the fact that there an unusual “happy” feeling as the breeze touches your hair. It is a natural form of being place in a good state of mind as you drove towards work or school.  The challenge for its inventors was to make it more portable. An inventor named Emmit Latta was given the patent for the first folding bike in 1887.


It is no wonder why early designs of the modern folding bike as you know it have been derived from the old designs. Since large cities have issues regarding storage options they are the first to grab the opportunity to own folding bikes. The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, North America are some of the countries that favor these invention. A bike that can fit inside a small car or is light enough to be carried in the subway is always the best sellers from the thousands of brands that are sold. Countries that offer biking options have a greater advantage of being frequently visited by tourists more than those that don’t have this option.

Uses of Folding Bikes in the 19th Century

  • Mode of transportation for Factory Workers
  • Use for recreation and exercise
  • Children’s toy
  • Assist Military and Police in navigating even in traffic
  • Courier Services
  • Racing

People have learned that these bikes are not just effective means of transportation. By the late 19th century when women were given the right to vote; the increase of women riders gained momentum. These bicycles have also affected the way they dress since they need to wear more practical clothes like those that will not hamper their movement. This started the elimination of corsets and very long skirts. It was no secret that British War efforts during World War II were aided by folding bicycles. The Normandy landings or D-Day which heralded with the arrival of the allied forces made these bikes even more useful. This allows paratroopers to jump from plates carrying these bicycles.


Courier services were never the same again when messengers begin using bicycles to carry and deliver items during the late 19th century. It was in the 19th century when biking enthusiasts develop their six day cycle races to test the bikers endurance. The race was supposed to be non-stop with no sleep but in fact riders joined in when they choose and slept when they want to. From the 19th century up to now there is so much that can be said about folding bikes in general. As long as there are people who love biking and saving the environment in the process there will always be newer versions of the this great mechanical find.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Folding Bike

  • Beautiful design. It’s no surprise that folding bikes are available in different design styles. And of course, you need to pay a close attention to the design of a folding bicycle. Your task is to pick a well-designed folding bike that suits your lifestyle in the best possible way. Make sure that you’ll find it comfortable to ride your bike in the future.
  • Light and easy to store. The smallest bike that you can find does not mean that it is the most versatile. Choose those that offer a special suspension included in the frame’s design to make the smaller wheels turn as it should. Avoid large potholes when riding through an uneven terrain. Check out our list of the most lightweight folding bikes.
  • Choose the most popular ones. Sometimes heeding the advice of those that like specific bikes have a good reason to do so. These folding bikes will not be that popular for no tangible reason at all. It is frequently chosen because it has managed to impress the owners/buyers.
  • Purpose of its Use. This may sound like a simple principle but it does show a grain of truth. Are you going to use the bike to ride on rough terrain like mountainous roads? Is it to be used as a form of exercise? Do you need that a simple bike or something that comes with specific features?
  • Pocket Friendly Price. If you are not willing to pay a large amount for the simple joy of using a folding bike then better find something that closely matches the purpose that you intend to use it for.
  • Good customer reviews. Clearly, you need to purchase a folding bike that has built a good reputation among cyclists. That’s why, it’s very important for you to analyze the folding bike’s customer reviews carefully ahead of time. By doing so, you’ll be able to make your own conclusions about various folding bikes prior to making a purchase. As a result, you’ll be able to make the correct decision and pick the perfect folding bike.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with some insights into the history of the folding bike. As you can see, the folding bike has changed so much since the 19th century. New models of folding bicycles appear on the market every year.

From the 19th century up to now there is so much that can be said about folding bikes in general. As long as there are people who love biking and saving the environment in the process there will always be newer versions of the this great mechanical find. We will continue reviewing the latest folding cycles on our website. Stay tuned.

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