Best Choice Products 20" Shimano 6 Speed Folding Bike Review - Folding Bike 20
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Best Choice Products 20" Shimano 6 Speed Folding Bike Review - Folding Bike 20

Best Choice Products 20″ Shimano 6 Speed Folding Bike Review

This Best Choice is definitely not the “best choice”. With this bike you definitely get what you pay for. This Best Choice folding bike has many great benefits for cyclists. That means that riders will be able to benefit from this type of a folding bike in a variety of different ways. Obviously, the bike would be a great option in terms of design, durability, mobility and riding experience.

What should riders expect from the Best Choice folding bike? How does this type of a folding bike make a difference? Does the low price affect the quality of the bike? Is the bike worth buying? And of course, it’s incredibly important for consumers to get the answers to all of these questions prior to making a purchase. The main goal of this bike review is to allow riders to learn more about the Best Choice model and the key features of the bicycle. As a result, you’ll be able to make your own conclusions about the bike.

$134 at Amazon

It’s fair to say that Best Choice is the brand new folding bike. Do you prefer to travel with a folding bike? No problem! The reality is the bike folds and unfolds fast and easy. Thus, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to fit the Best Choice folding bike in a car. Plus, the bike can be easily stored in an office.

It’s important to know that all of the bike’s parts are made of high quality materials. That means that if you choose to purchase Best Choice folding bike, you can rest assured that the bike will serve you pretty well for a long time.

It’s a great idea to use Best Choice folding bicycle for traveling around the city on a daily basis. On the other hand, the bike can be used for long distance travels. Short distance test drives as well as long distance test drives have shown that Best Choice folding bicycle works very well. No matter how you choose to use the bike, Best Choice will always provide you with great riding experience. There are also people who prefer to use Best Choice folding bicycle to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight.

Best Choice folding bike comes with 6 speeds, folding pedals, adjustable chrome plated alloy handle bar, hand and rear hand brakes and many other awesome features. It’s pretty clear that the bicycle has everything that’s needed for a comfortable and safe ride.

Best Choice is one of the cheapest folding bicycles available for sale these days. So, you can always consider this model if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy an expensive folding bike.

Another big advantage of Best Choice folding bike is that it comes with a money back guarantee. So, you can return a bicycle to the manufacturer and get your money back if for some reasons you are not happy with the bike.


  • Shifters: Shimano RS35
  • Frame: 20” Folding Bike Hi-Tensile Steel
  • Handle Bars: Retro Alloy Handlebar
  • Fork: Hi-Ten Steel
  • Crankset: One Piece Steel Chrome Plated Crank.
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano RDTZ 50
  • Brakes: Alloy V-Brakes
  • Stem: Alloy Tall Cool
  • Seat Post: Steel Chrome
  • Spokes: Stainless Steel 14G.
  • Rim: Alloy Black Front/Rear
  • Tires: 20” X 1.5 Double Wall.
  • Kickstand: Heavy Duty Kick Stand



Across the board this bike needs a tune up before it is riding ready. If you are not experienced you will need to take it to a bike shop. (Add that to the cost of the bike.) Even after the adjustments, it still feels a little unstable in the handle bars. Shifting was smoother than I expected but I only took this bike out on low-moderate inclines.

I’m not a fan of the weight which is 32 pounds so I would definitely not consider this bike for commuting. It is practical for people who just need an inexpensive way to get from here to there and need to store the bike in a small space. Definitely not for a picky customer.

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  • Cheap
  • Well designed
  • The bike doesn’t require any assembly


  • Heavy
  • Needs adjustments right out of the box. The bike’s seat and bike’s brake handles need to be adjusted.


Best Choice folding bike is a great choice for cyclists, who are in search of budget friendly folding bikes. According to numerous customer reviews, the bike provides great value for money. There is no question that Best Choice folding bike is a great product that’s well worth the money!

$134 at Amazon


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This bike is cheap and heavy.

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