Dahon Vector X27H Review
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Dahon Vector X27H Review

Dahon Vector X27H Folding Bike Review

An active lifestyle enthusiast will hardly be able to imagine his/her life without a bicycle. If you want to have an active lifestyle, then you’ll definitely need a bike to travel to the work or to travel from one place to another. A bike is a great way to navigate around the city. You can also use a bike to ride in rural areas.

However, picking the right type of a bike is not always easy. There is no question that you need to make the best decision you can. It’s worth noting that a new history of cycling started when a folding bike was invented. Here is a good piece of news for cyclists. There are so many folding bikes available on the market these days. Obviously, folding bikes come in an array of styles and price ranges. That means that you’ll find it easy to choose a bike that fits all of your needs and budget in the best possible way.

Without a doubt, you must be very selective when it comes to picking a folding bike. Let’s assume that you would like to travel with your folding bike. If this is the case, you should aim to purchase a lightweight and compact folding bike. And of course, you should always pay a close attention to bike’s security.

Let’s focus on Dahon folding bikes now. As you probably know, Dahon has become an incredibly popular brand in the world of cycling. Obviously, the company puts emphasis on rider’s security. When it comes to rider’s security, Dahon does it all.

Now, the big question is – what Dahon folding bike would be a good option for travelers? We recommend you to take a closer look at such a folding bike as Dahon Vector X27H. It goes without saying that Dahon Vector X27H folding bike is a great choice.

What is incredible about this type of a folding bike is that it’s lightweight. So, you’ll not find it hard to take your bike on train, bus and other types of public transport. Another big advantage of Dahon Vector X27H folding bike is that it’s compact. It’s pretty easy to travel with such a folding bike as Dahon Vector X27H. It’s also important to note that the bike impresses with high tech equipment. Dahon Vector X27H folding bike is best known for its brand new tires. If you ride this high end folding bike, you’ll be able to overcome all challenges on your way successfully.

Lastly, you need to analyze Dahon Vector X27H folding bike’s customer reviews prior to make a final decision if the bike is worth its money or not. Let’s take a closer look at bike’s customer reviews and try to figure out what cyclists think about Dahon Vector X27H folding bike. We are happy to see that cyclists are generally pleased with such a folding bike as Dahon Vector X27H. According to opinions of cyclists, the bike itself is very convenient. Clearly, the bike has everything that’s needed to enjoy a comfortable ride.

In case you mix a small-wheeled cycle with the entry-level road cycle, often via a miraculous involving of genes or perhaps a happy mashing along with a huge hammer, your final product will be something like the Dahon Vector X27H.

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It’s a new folding cycle which has the attention on gears and speed. A new kind of street cycle with smaller wheels and many gears. As a folding bike it’s compromised with this bar protruding when folded. As a quick street cycle its firm with pace, along with sprinting standing up will be interesting.

Vector X27h folding cycle was previously known as Speed Pro TT. This particular fog-colored cycle is actually Dahon’s road cycle. It offers intense handlebars, rapid shifters, as well as slick and smooth tyres (which are featured with a yellow stripe straight down the center to complement the frame). The Kinetix wheels utilize the tremendous lightweight 16-spoke design and style, producing your Vector light as well as faster compared to most other Dahon bikes. What’s more, it contains the DualDrive 27-speed moving method. Just one shifter settings some sort of 7-speed derailleur, and the other settings have 3-speed internal hub.

The revolutionary name includes various significances. Primary, it’s a completely new frame. The bicycle no more is designed around the “Speed” frame. Alternatively, the all-new Vector frame is utilized and is also theoretically said to be additional inflexible compared to its predecessor because of the completely new ways of producing the frame — hydro forming. That recently acquired method will allow sophisticated manipulation from the thicknesses of tube and formerly unattainable designs can be produced, permitting the figure to be stronger still lighter in weight. If you want an excellent a mix of a road bicycle along with a foldable bicycle, the Dahon Vector X27h could it be. Using the double drive program of a 9 speed derailleur along with a 3-speed central SRAM hub, the Vector X27h series through 27 gears, is sufficient for almost any long-distance cyclist.

For new riders, it’s not that much laterally firm being a street bicycle, and so standing on the pedals provides you with somewhat mushy and twangy feeling because the bicycle whips a bit. The secret is to pedal with a lower cadence smoothly. This way it is possible to use the speed provided by the smaller wheels, along with stick to a decent line without risking into the traffic. Climbing down is different, unless you become acquainted with the bike.


  • Color: Fog.
  • Weight: 24.22 lbs (10.9 kg)
  • Wheel size: 20″
  • Folded size: 16.9″ × 31.9″ × 25.6″ (43 × 81 x 65 cm)
  • Frame:  Hydro formed dalloy aluminum.
  • Max rider weight: 230 lbs (105 kg).
  • Stylish handlebars with nice grips.
  • SRAM dual drive with 27 Speeds for any kind of riding condition.
  • Racing tires from Schwalbe Durango with anti-puncture protection.



  • The acceleration of the bike is great. It can go to top speed with only two pedal strokes.
  • The gears can be shifted easily by clicking the brake lever.
  • The maneuvering of the bike is great.
  • Very stylish look.
  • Lightweight.


  • Folding process is not very user friendly.
  • Price is not affordable for everyone.
  • Standing up in the pedals is little bit difficult.

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Review Overview



The best folding bike on the market in terms of frame quality, strength and durability.

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