Dahon Eco C7 Review
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Dahon Eco C7 Review

Dahon Eco C7 Review

If you are a cyclist, then you’ll definitely find it hard to imagine the life without a folding bike. And of course, you must be very selective when it comes to picking a folding bike for everyday ride.

Obviously, you should aim to purchase a folding bike that has built a solid reputation on the market and has a lot of positive customer reviews from happy clients.

In other words, it incredibly important for you to explore all of your options carefully and make a smart choice. It goes without saying that cyclists should take a closer look at such a folding bike as Dahon Eco C7. It’s worth noting that the bike itself is very comfortable and has many tremendous benefits. Below, we’ll give you some insights into Dahon Eco C7 model and explain to you how cyclists of can benefit from this bike.

As you can see, this blog post focuses on Dahon Eco C7 folding bike. In this Dahon Eco C7 review, you’ll be able to find a lot of useful information about Dahon Eco C7 model – the bike’s description as well as bike’s features. Also, we’ll outline pros and cons of the folding bike. As a result, we’ll provide you with Dahon Eco C7 folding bike’s customer reviews. So, you’ll be able to figure out what people are saying about the bike.

Price: $398 (Amazon)

Nowadays when we get a new Dahon, many of us apparently remark on how well the products are appearing now. In technical terms, Dahon could be the Ferrari of folding bicycle world – many products along with huge international sales. They’re products regarding everyman – not really higher type super – compacts like the Brompton, or testosterone-fuelled jobbies, however very good straightforward value for money products. Plus the value side of things simply continues improving.

Because of Dahon’s completely new factory in China, along with price adjusting with European countries, GREAT BRITAIN rates tumbled a bit within the last season. They’re today practically on a par along with the United States, that’s almost not known for the folding bicycle, or certainly, any kind bicycle.

The Dahon Eco C7 folding bike is a favorite bike amongst fun cyclists, it can be a very economical solution intended for casual and new rides or perhaps simple transport all around community. You don’t have to spend a lot for achieving a good quality foldable bicycle. If you are cautious about budget, the Eco C7 is a good choice for sure.

In just a few seconds, this cycle folds over in a manageable size which helps it to store inside a car or train. For commuters, this particular Eco C7 can be perfect because folding is so simple in this bike. The six speeds and 20″ added tires let this cycle to execute like a full-size motorcycle while preserving its sleek and compact size.

Product Description

Dahon Eco C7 folding bike might have an entry-level selling price, nonetheless it doesn’t be cheap on the subject of Dahon’s legendary foldable benefit in addition to comfortable journey. This bike has a strong metal figure, Shimano drive train in addition to durable parts. Similar to most Dahon cycles, the one folds rapidly and just within 15 seconds, that is very best in any ranking. It also got upgraded Fusion integrated fork and Radius handle post. Radius handle post of solid aluminum, gives a rigid and sturdy link with the body and hand Folds up inside 15 mere seconds. Strong in addition to lightweight figure provides a reliable and cozy journey. Dahon provides warranty for it’s cycle frame, rigid forks and handle posts for a period of 5 years.

Dahon Eco C7 Features

  • For any riding position adjustable seat posts are provided.
  • Colors: Brick.
  • 7 Speeds will take in all sorts of hills and surfaces.
  • 20″ wheels provide the feeling of a full size bike
  • Folded Size is 11.7″ × 31.2″ × 25.7″(33 × 80 × 66 cm)
  • Quick folding takes only 15 sec.
  • Moderate weight of 26.7 lbs(12.1 kg)
  • Good for riders of height 4’8″ – 6’4″ (142 – 193 cm)
  • Maximum Rider Weight can be 230 lbs (105 kg)



  • Very comfortable ride with smooth shifts.
  • Very reasonable in price.
  • High top speed for a folding bike.
  • Nice design with high-quality materials.


  • The folding bike is available in brick color only.
  • No adjustable handlebar.
  • Big folded size and a bit heavy.
  • Folding locking mechanism is made of plastic and magnets don’t work well.
  • It takes a cyclist only 15 seconds to fold (or unfold) a bike.

Customer Reviews

First of all, let’s take a look at Dahon Eco C7 folding bike’s customer reviews statistics. The statistics shows that up to 54% of customers have left 5 Star reviews about Dahon Eco C7 folding bike. Up to 37% of cyclists have left 4 Star reviews about Dahon Eco C7 folding bike. Only 3% of clients have left 2 Star reviews about Dahon Eco C7 folding bike and 6% of clients have left 1 Star reviews about Dahon Eco C7 folding bike.

Totally, 91% of cyclists are happy with Dahon Eco C7 folding bike and 9% of cyclists are unhappy with Dahon Eco C7 folding bike. All of this means that the vast majority of cyclists really like Dahon Eco C7 and highly recommend the bike to others. Now, let’s take a look at what people say about the bike.

– Cyclists are happy to see that Dahon Eco C7 is a great bike available at affordable price. The bike is well designed and works properly. The bike holds a cyclist easily and provides smooth riding experience.

– Cyclists also point out that Dahon Eco C7 is an easy to use bike. The bike has been designed to make folding/unfolding process simple.

– There are also consumers who say that Dahon Eco C7 is a nice folding bike with a great design and good quality.

– Tourists also like the bike. They say that Dahon Eco C7 is an easy to carry folding bike. The bike itself is a compact. So, you’ll find it easy to transport Dahon Eco C7 is a car trunk. So, you’ll get an opportunity to take advantage of a bike whenever such a need arises.

– According to opinions of many cyclists, Dahon Eco C7 is a smart option in terms of quality and price.

– There are many customer reviews that say that Dahon Eco C7 is one of the most affordable folding bikes available these days. Cyclists say that Dahon Eco C7 is worth money you pay for it. You’ll definitely get a lot for what you pay for the bike.

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Among the largest folding cycle suppliers on the planet, Dahon established the quality of their cycles over and over. Compared to various other folding cycle brand names on this price range, this Dahon Eco C7 features a much better name.

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One of the best folding bikes in the price range of around $400.


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