Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Review
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Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Review

For a long time it has been predicted that both winners and losers of the future folding bike is going to be judged regarding weight. On a standard bike, less weight will be always appreciated by the riders, because a folding bike must be easily carried.

We’ve dropped rely with the lots of strapping good fellows who’ve explained that they can’t fully grasp your passion regarding light-weight folders. If an individual too can certainly run the length of Clapham Junction that has a 11kg bike, as well as heave it on the sill of the vehicle boot, he genuinely won’t end up being serious interested. But for others, light-weight folding motorbikes would be the foreseeable future.

While using the Dahon Mu P8 Folding bike for every journey, this lightweight will always be a positive and comforting factor. On the highway, the less resistance in riding as well as sharp gears changing will be liked as well.

It’s worth noting that Dahon Mu P8 folding bike also comes with a sturdy frame and good brakes that contribute greatly to rider’s comfort and safety. The bike itself is very compact (the bike’s folding size is 30 cm, 79 cm, 66 cm), so you’ll find it easy to travel with it. Bear in mind that it wouldn’t be hard for you to take this folding bike on a bus, train and other types of public transportation.

Unboxing & Assembly Video


  • Colors: Cloud White, Obsidian.
  • Speeds: 8
  • Folded dimensions: 11.7″ × 30.8″ × 25.7″ (30cm × 79cm × 66cm)
  • Folding time of 15 sec.
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs (12.3 kg).
  • Frame: PA series – dalloy aluminum.
  • Fork: Dahon slipstream, dalloy aluminum
  • BioLogic Post Pump combines a seatpost and powerful floor pump.
  • Best for rider of height 4’8″ – 6’4″ (142 – 193 cm).
  • Maximum rider weight can be 105 kg (230 lbs).
  • Shipping weight: 34.8 lbs (15.8 kg)
  • Box dimensions: 12.2″ x 33″ x 25″

Folding & Unfolding


Dahon Mu P8 bike is actually amazing. This bike is surely Dahon’s one of the most versatile and well featured bike. It really is amazingly light, classy enough to catch attention everywhere you go with this and also durable enough for ride. The particular bike is usually seen as excellent performance, value and produces all 3 goals of Dahon: 1) Being lighter in weight, 2) Strong structure and 3) Good speed. Dahon Mu P8 is light enough to be carried in the stairs, modest enough to be located at the rear of a car.  It has very quickly and precise shifts; reduced profile of design shielded it from destruction. Dahon Compensation tires and Schwalbe Racer tires are light and quick running. The Radius Telescope handlepost is adjustable and it will provide custom fit for most cyclists. Dahon provide warranty of their bike’s handle posts, bike frame, and inflexible forks for 5 years.

The only problem I had with the bike is that the locking system securing 2 wheels when folded is made of plastic and it was broken out of the box, as you can see in some images below. Many Dahon bikes use the plastic Snap Lok system and this is actually the first time I see it broken. The system includes a pin and a clip found on the front and rear wheel, we just need to snap the two together when folding the bike.


Test Ride



  • Best bike for carrying in the flight of stairs because of its light weight, small enough folding size to be stored at any corner of the house.
  • Fast as well as precise shifts
  • Can be folded very quickly and easily.
  • Cool design.
  • It is easy to assemble and ready to use out of the box.
  • Integrated pump in seat post.


  • Bumps, potholes, curbs can cause trouble to this bike.
  • Not good for people who like the taste of real speed.

Many of us feel this Dahon Mu P8 is worth every penny you have to pay for it. This is a bike you will love because of its features and qualities – this runs effectively and also it’s great for carrying.

Customer Reviews

Obviously, it makes a lot of sense for you to spend some time on reading Dahon Mu P8 bike’s customer reviews before to make a purchase. By doing so, you’ll be able to figure out what other people say about the bike.

It goes without saying that Dahon Mu P8 is a great folding bike that has built a solid reputation on the market. The statistics shows that up to 90% of customers have left positive reviews (50% of cyclists have left 5 Star feedbacks and 40% of cyclists have left 4 Star feedbacks) about Dahon Mu P8 folding bike. All of this means that the vast majority of cyclists, who have purchased Dahon Mu P8, are happy with this type of a folding bike.

The question is – what do people think about Dahon Mu P8 folding bike? Let’s dig deeper into customer reviews and try to get the answer right now.

– Customers say that the bike has a great set of gears that make it possible for a cyclist to ride fast.

– A lot of consumers have also concluded that Dahon Mu P8 is a very comfortable folding bike. They find it easy to fold and unfold the bike and say that the process of folding/unfolding is very simple and doesn’t take too much time.

– There are also many cyclists who say that Dahon Mu P8 is the perfect bike for everyday use.

– According to numerous customer reviews, Dahon Mu P8 is a durable bike. They have been using Dahon Mu P8 for several years, but the bike is riding well.

– Some cyclists have come to the point that Dahon Mu P8 is a great bike for riding on road commutes in hilly areas.

Check price and read more customer reviews …


Thank you so much for reading this review. We’ve just told you everything you need to know about Dahon Mu P8 folding bike. Now, it’s time to come to the conclusion. Generally speaking, Dahon Mu P8 is a beautiful, durable, comfortable, easy to use and light folding bike.

It’s also important to point out that the bike comes with 8 speeds. That means that you’ll be able to ride very fast with such a wonderful folding bike as Dahon Mu P8.

So, the question is – who needs this type of a folding bike? Dahon Mu P8 is known for being a versatile folding bike. Keep in mind that Dahon Mu P8 folding bike would be an ideal choice for short rides. On the other hand, Dahon Mu P8 is the perfect folding bike for long rides on weekends.

Regular Price: $829.00

Special Price: $649.00 (Save $180 on Amazon)

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The most versatile, all-around bike.


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