Best Accessories for Folding Bikes
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Best Accessories for Folding Bikes

It is not the end of the story after you bring home one of the best folding bikes. If you are considering a bike for riding during your leisure time as well as for commuting during work, you need some extra functions in your bike for better riding experience. The correct components will make your bike riding much easier and even can protect you from brutal injuries.

Generally speaking, accessories for folding bikes make cyclist’s riding experience as comfortable and smooth as possible. However, the most important thing is that some of bike’s accessories are required to avoid different types of injuries and keep a cyclist safe. It’s crucial for you to know that the help of accessories for folding bikes is immeasurable.

There are lots of ways to add accessories to your bike. A number of people like safety as the most important feature. For these peoples, a number of good items are mirrors, lights, bells etc. Others like commuter gadgets. They mainly look for panniers, baskets and fenders. So if you are looking for folding bike accessories, you’ll find some popular and important ones underneath.

In this blog, we are going to review the most important accessories for folding bikes including: bicycle mirror, economical bolt-on bicycle carrier rack, 20-function bike computer, bell gel relief bicycle seat cover as well as case for iPhone/Android Samsung HTC waterproof. There is no question that each of these must-have bike’s accessories will contribute greatly to cyclist’s riding experience. Below, we’ll describe the key features of above mentioned accessories and explain to you how they can improve your riding experience.

1. Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror


Bicycle mirror contributes greatly to cyclist’s safety and there is no question about this. The reality is mirror makes it possible for a cyclist to see everything what’s happening on the road. As a result, you’ll be able to take all the necessary safety measures ahead of time.

Your Mirrycle MTB Bicycle Mirror gives a wide look of the vehicles behind you, so that it’s not necessary to turn backward as you are riding the bicycle. Made to suit mountain bicycle handle bars, this particular three-inch circular mirror brackets with your handlebar’s result in moments with the wrench. As a result of its convex glass along with pivoting style, this mirror gives a wide range of view of the road from every angle possible –so that one could stay focused on the road ahead.

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror has three-inch circular handlebar attached rearview looking glass with regard to mountain bikes and for every viewing angle convex mirrors are included. Good for handlebars with inside diameter of 13.75 to 22.5 in. Fits in the end of the handle and wrench installation included

Superb product – this mirror presents us an excellent view about what exactly is at the rear. Simple retract up when not being used. This can be a type of solutions you desire two regarding in order that in the event one becomes unusable you have a quick replacement. It could be unnecessary because replacement parts are available easily all around. If you get used to this item it would be hard for you to ride without them.

2. Ventura Universal Bicycle Carrier Rack


This Ventura Bicycle Carrier Holder mounts on the back of the bike to help you quickly and easily move your entire belongings. This kind of durable steel made rack can easily carry as much as fifty-five pounds and is ideal for using with back packs, baskets etc. It’s intended for 26″ or 28″ cycle tires and provides a common fitting set. Also a spring flap and reflector bracket also is involved with this pack.

Ventura Universal Bicycle Carrier Rack features tray mounts for you to back of your respective bike that will help you to easily move your own equipment. Steel made rack carries 55 pounds load and also lasts for long time.It is best to use with backpacks, panniers, baskets, etc. It adjusts well with 26 to 28 inch bike tires and spring flap and reflector bracket are installed also.


  • Mainly for light duty, best for carrying regular items.
  • Very cheap
  • It’s very easy to fix and saddle the Panniers.
  • Rear reflector and light-plates are included.

If you prefer a fundamental rack that will not bear weight more than 10 – 15 pounds on a bike then you can surely select this one.

3. Avenir Bigmouth Velcro Seat Bag


Avenir Bigmouth Velcro Seat Bag gives ample area for you to carry all of those small bus essential requirements on the ride. An extensive, full-zip helps comfortable access, though Velcro is very easy to attach with the bike because of its rail straps and seat post attachment. Tough, 1682-denier nylon material provides quality, and durability is boosted by a rubberized bottom. The reflective light-mounting case increases protection, and the zippered parts stretches provides extra storage.

Velcro Seat Bag gives ample area for carrying all the essential needs to carry during a ride and for easy access full-zip mouth opening is provided. Light-mounting case and rail straps and seat post attachment for quick attachment with the bike are included. Durable, 1682-denier nylon product stacks up to the factors, in addition to rubber made bottom part more improves general durability. 75 cubic inches is the normal size and can expand to 106 cubic inches when needed.

This is well-crafted bag which is certainly very cost-effective than other products. So far no problems are encountered on this bag. It happen to be a incredibly good buy, and would like to recommend this bag to anyone who wants to buy a bag for bike.

4. Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer


No one ever said that riding long distances was easy. Keep in mind that you are likely to face a lot of challenges during a long ride. However, things will most likely go easier if your bicycle comes with the 20-function bike computer. It’s worth noting that this type of a computer has been designed to make the life of a cyclist much easier and safer. It’s very important for a cyclist to know the distance of riding as well as riding speed, particularly if you choose to ride long distances.

Boost your current exercise routine productivity when riding a bike with this Schwinn 20-function cycle computer. Designed to affix safely for your handlebar, this computer stores this sort of info as distance, speed, and also calories used, assisting you to develop a simple yet effective exercise routine every ride. The computer is not hard to install and also has a backlit screen intended for clear viewing.

20-function bike computer is for improving workout efficiency. It attaches easily and securely to your handlebar and tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, and includes backlit screen for clear viewing.

It is a good gadget for riders.

  • Provides accurate mileage – Must be better than any other bike computers.
  • The installation process is very simple and quick. Just pay a little attention on the direction of bands and also on the direction of the steering clip.
  • Functions of this device are simple and practical, no tricky process. Anyone can use it.

5. Sigma BC 1009 Bicycle Speedometer


It’s hard to imagine a safe ride without a speedometer, isn’t it? Obviously, you need to know your riding speed all the time. If you are riding too fast, then you will definitely need to slow down you on the bike. On the other hand, it makes sense to speed up if you ride a bike slowly. One way or another, you’ll be able to take advantage of a speedometer if such a need arises. You should know that Sigma BC 1009 Bicycle Speedometer would be a great option for any cyclist.

What is incredible about Sigma BC 1009 Bicycle Speedometer is that this type of device displays the average riding speed, current riding speed as well as maximum riding speed. Plus, the device displays total riding time. This feature is especially important for long-distance cycling.

The speedometer also comes with a built-in clock, low battery indicator, PC link and many other great features. All of this means that a speedometer will provide a cyclist with everything that’s needed for a safe and comfortable ride. So, you’ll get smooth cycling experience. It’s also important to note that you’ll definitely find it easy to mount a speedometer into your bike. Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that the speedometer itself is water-resistant. Therefore, you’ll be able to use the device in any condition.

Learn precisely how quick you might be riding a bike in commutes or maybe training trips by using Sigma BC 1009 stimulated bicycle speedometer. Also obtainable in a wireless version, your speedometer exhibits current velocity, mean velocity, and also optimum velocity, thus you will have a good option whether or not you might be hare or tortoise for the cycle path. It’s also possible to compare the present and average velocity, or maybe check out your travelled distance and entire distance. The particular speedometer actually has a built-in watch; so that you can check out the time or maybe see for how long you might be riding.

Great speedometer for bike ideal for training rides and commutes it measures commute distance and total travelled distance. Provides present, mean, and also maximum velocity clock shows the riding time PC link and also low battery indicator

Sigma affords the selection involving stem mounting. Not any difficulties during preliminary setup. Its display is big and readable. Substantial buttons allow it to be simple transition between functions. Price is pretty low. Recommended for every biker.

6. Bell Gel Relief Bicycle Seat Cover


Offer your a number of support on your subsequent trip with this tender, comfortable seat cover form bike item producer Bell. Any padded coating involving GelFusion is targeted right below your “sitting bone tissues and also a heavy middle comfort region nearly eradicates pressure from sensitive areas. Any breathable, sturdy cover stands up for you to years involving regular employ, as well as a good anti-slip gripping substance on the bottom cover as well as drawstring method keep the cover in position while having trip.

Soft and comfortable, easy-to-use covers. The layer of GelFusion is imposed straight under the “sit bone”. These covers can holds up for years even after heavy use. Center relief points literally decreases pressure points from the sensitive parts. Its gripping materials on underside of the covers provides anti-slip.

It is extremely an easy task to slip upon these seats in the gym, in order to slip next to. It is therefore comfortable, and one can spin for long time. And breathable, so this means it doesn’t necessarily get sweaty, and this cover is easy to wash. Highly recommend for any spinners.

7. Delta Smartphone Caddy II (Black)


Designed to maintain your mobile phone readily available continually, this smart phone bike attach firmly keeps hold of iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, and many other models. Best suited for commuter riding and very easily attach with the handle or stem of the bike. Nice plastic bumpers grip helps to provide cushion to your phone and always keep it on your viewing position.

Delta Smartphone Caddy is good for phone of size range 2.9″ x .625″ x 5.5″ (like iPhone). Mounts for handlebar and stem are included. This accessory is so quick and easy for installation and removal. Water-resistant bag for every type of weather is provided.

This can be a good product. That required about a couple of minutes in order to support the carrier to the stem within the bike (just the best place for quick viewing). When the smart phone is attached into the carrier, it provides a nice position for quick view during riding. You now can easily turn on the map with GPS, play music, receive phone calls or whatever you want.

The case will hold your phone safely without any modifications or extra padding. It’s certain that the phone is not going to fall out regardless any bumps during the ride. This product is highly recommended.

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