Where is the Kickstand on Brompton Folding Bikes?
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Where is the Kickstand on Brompton Folding Bikes?

Where is the Kickstand on Brompton Folding Bikes?

Folding bikes have become really popular among cyclists in the United States and across the world. Despite the fact that many of folding bikes are not the ideal choice for traveling long distances, they still can be successfully used for some certain purposes. Convenience and portability are two major advantages that make folding bikes really worth buying. A folding bike can easily fit inside your car and even under your desk at work. So, this bike doesn’t need too much storage space. You can even hang your bike on the wall if you want.

It usually takes an inexperienced cyclist some time to fold and unfold the bike. But if you go through this process for at least a couple of times, you will be able to do this within seconds. You should find enough time to practice before your first ride to avoid awkward situations in the future. What if you need to get on a train? In this case, you will have to fold your bike very quickly. Otherwise, you will just miss the train.

Brompton folding bikes have earned a good reputation among bike enthusiasts in different parts of the world. These bikes come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are also custom Brompton folding bikes available for sale. Bicycles of this type are made according to a cyclist’s needs and preferences. In order to create your own Brompton, you should visit the company’s official website and select riding styles, gearing options, accessories and colors that you like. Thus, you’ll get a unique opportunity to choose a bike that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle in the best possible way.

Brompton folding bikes are a great option for city cyclists. The bikes are practical and convenient. Small wheels and increased maneuverability will help you ride easily through busy city streets. Plus, Brompton folding bikes are designed to work well for many years to come.

If you like speed and want to ride even faster, then you should think about getting a Brompton electric bicycle. This is a smart bike that knows when you feel tired and provides assistance when you really need it. You can select the level of assistance that ideally suits your riding style. Going up hills has never been so easy!

Your Brompton folding bike will undoubtedly make you happy when you get used to its peculiarities. Obviously, folding bikes have much in common with conventional bikes. They provide the same health benefits that traditional bikes do. However, there is something that differs folding bikes from the other bikes.

While choosing your Brompton, you can decide whether you need a kickstand in your bike or not. Many bikes come without a kickstand just because they don’t have enough room to install it. Besides, kickstands can add more weight to your bike and even damage its frame. On the other hand, a kickstand can prove to be helpful under certain circumstances. A kickstand in your Brompton folding bike can be really useful if you do not want to fold the bike every time you stop. It’s widely known that Brompton bikes have interesting and sometimes unexpected designs. So, if you cannot find a kickstand in your bike quickly, don’t worry.

When I first received the Brompton folding bike, I was very confused because the kickstand couldn’t be found anywhere. It was so inconvenient and I had to fold it or lean it up against a wall on the first day. I thought they removed the kickstand to reduce the price but I was wrong.

I contacted Brompton and received an answer immediately. The Brompton’s kickstand is built into the design of the bike, when the rear frame is folded under in the parked position the bike stands on its own. Adding an additional kick stand would just add extra weight to the bike. Specifically, you can check out the video below to see how it works.

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