The Best Bicycle Helmets You Can Buy in the U.S.
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The Best Bicycle Helmets You Can Buy in the U.S.

The Best Bicycle Helmets You Can Buy in the U.S.

One of the primary considerations for any cyclist will be basic safety, that’s why finding the proper safety equipment is very necessary. It’s impossible to ride a bike in a safe way without a helmet, isn’t it? A bicycle helmet is a very important accessory and there is no question about that. The right type of a helmet will contribute greatly to rider’s safety. However, cyclists must be very selective when it comes to picking a bicycle helmet.

The days involving large mushroom type helmets are over, with a number of trendy and stylish designs are now available on the market. Nevertheless with a great number of models and sizes available in the market, picking out the right helmet can be confusing to any cycle rider.

This guide has been written to make it easy for you to pick a suitable bicycle helmet. We would like to provide you with a nice collection of bike helmets. The collection consists of 7 great bicycle helmets. We’ll describe all of these bike helmets briefly and try to explain to you how each of these bicycle helmets makes a difference.

It’s fair to say that all of these bike helmets are well-designed and have everything that’s needed for a comfortable, enjoyable and, most importantly, safe ride. With these types of bike helmets every cyclist will feel himself/herself safe and, therefore, more confident in himself/herself during a bike ride.

So here I tried to create a simple guide for you in selecting the right bicycle helmet.

1. Giro Revel Bike Helmet

This Giro Revel’s superb style and ventilation system are also coupled with a modern day design that fits all kind of rider. Keep in mind that Giro Revel bike helmet has many great benefits for cyclists. Now, it’s time for you to figure out how cyclists can benefit from Giro Revel bicycle helmet.

The Revel would be the perfect selection with regard to riding downtown area, for climbing hills, as well as almost everything between. This headgear is created by using Giro’s in-mold structure, which provides the helmet’s outer frame with all the impact-absorbing EPS. This not only boost both sides, nevertheless the “exoskeleton” likewise enables Giro to be able to build helmets which can be durable, lighter, as well as much better ventilated. This helmet contains 22 vents, which provides fresh and cool air around the rider’s scalp. People will also like the helmet’s snap-fit visor, which often shields the rider’s eyes on hot sunlit days.

It is very carefully built and has only one size thanks to the easy-to-adjust Acu Dial fit system. It can be adjusted between the size 21.5″ to 24.75″.

This Giro helmet performs adequately. It really is very affordable and contains convenient adjustments. For any casual rider, I highly recommend this lightweight and comfortable helmet.

Another big advantage of Giro Revel model is that this bike helmet is fully adjustable. That means that it wouldn’t be difficult for you to adjust your bike helmet to any of your needs.

And of course, Giro Revel is a bike helmet that impresses cyclists with a very beautiful design. As it was mentioned above, the bicycle helmet has been designed in an innovative style. It’s pretty clear that Giro Revel would be a good option for cyclists who want to look great and prefer to ride in style.

2. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

This is the most expensive helmet in the list but it is worth every penny. Its design and materials make the Giro Savant stand out of the crowd. The exterior of the Giro has a nice matte finish instead of glossy one on other helmets.

It features the in-mold construction and adjustable Roc Loc 5 fit and stability system. The click-wheel on the back and chinstrap adjustment make it so easy to get a snug fit. My 24-inch head feels so comfortable in the lightweight helmet (large size). I’m also impressed with its unbeatable 25 wind tunnel vents, my hair is completely dry after 40 minutes of cycling. Above all, the bike helmet provides riders with great vision protection.

Giro Savant is also known for being a well-designed, lightweight and durable bicycle helmet. That means that the bike helmet of this type is likely to serve you pretty well for a long time.

Obviously, the helmet has built a good reputation on the market. Just take a look at the helmet’s customer reviews. The vast majority of cyclists, who use Giro Savant bike helmet, have left positive customer reviews (5 Star reviews and 4 Star reviews) about the product. These consumers are very happy with the bike helmet and they recommend it to other cyclists.

Therefore, I totally recommend the Giro Savant, it is built with features of high-end helmets for a much more acceptable price. You can buy it now for $80.

3. Giro Reverb Bike Helmet

This is another Giro helmet that made it into the list. I really love the Giro Reverb because it is probably the most stylish helmet I’ve ever used. I bought the Black/Red color but you can choose among a bunch of color options like White, Black, Green, Matte White, etc. You might want to get the one with matte finish because the glossy ones look stunning but it can easily catch fingerprints, as you can see in the video above.

Otherwise, this is a great helmet. It features a self-adjusting fit system, so you don’t see a dial on the back. Actually you still can adjust the helmet in 3 positions. There are 3 holes on each side on the front of the helmet, so you just need to snap the frame into those holes to fit your head better. On the back, there is just an elastic band, so it can fit snug easier.

The Reverb also includes the unique removable cycling cap-style visor, in-mold shell and 9 vents.

4. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet


Stay risk-free whilst cycling by using Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet. Schwinn Thrasher is usually cozy in any temperature, with 21 bundled stream vents in addition to moisture-wicking shields to help keep you dry out. To guarantee a protected match, the helmet includes a Combined Match variable design in addition to easy-to-adjust webbing. Everyone will like the built-in visor, which supplies improved shade whilst riding.

Schwinn Thrasher helmet provides lot of ease due to dial fit system. And don’t let the word Micro in its name fools you, the helmet can fit most heads. Increased shade is provided through visor offers and for keeping you cool 21 flow vents are included also easy to adjust and comfortable fit. The adjusted wheels work properly and are well-made. Nice airflow during riding and also the visor hindrances sunlight nicely. It had been astonished with this build quality the price is so low and it also perhaps seems to be excellent for all. Recommended for all.

5. Protec Classic Helmet


Protec Classic helmets undoubtedly are a well-liked choice among the cycle riders. Well known for style, comfort, and protection, most of these helmets include a lightweight yet tough ABS covers and two-stage shells regarding protection. The helmets got a range of sizes for ideal fit.

The particular Protec Classic Bicycle helmet features that classic look that will certainly live forever, consequently the name! No matter whether you’re not used to riding or even an existing pro, there is certainly a very important factor people most likely to have in common with all the additional skateboarders in addition to cycle fans: you need to keep your head covered.

  • Vintage bike/skate cycle helmet along with rough aero-styled ABS and two-fold of liner.
  • ASTM skate standards Certified to meet all the standards
  • Rivets of stainless steel
  • Soft nylon webbed strap

It looks great and very comfortable, and also maintains high standard for safety. You can buy it on Amazon for around $40.

6. Bell Sports Solar Cycling Helmet

From the elegant Bell brand, the Bell Sports Solar Cycling Helmet produces a new stylish design with ErgoDial Fit system, In-mold construction and 23 vents.

This bike is for normal heads, it can be adjusted between 21.25″ – 24″ (54-61 cm). My head size is around 24″ (61cm) and the helmet can barely fit me. Ergo Dial fit method can be done by one hand and also for quick strap adjustment Cam-lock levers are provided. This is a great bike helmet for using in recreational MTB, cruiser riding and touring. In-Mold constructed body with 23 large vents for regular airflow. The Bell Sports Solar is a great product, easy to change, lightweight, and also very comfortable to use. You can get it for just over $30.

7. Giro Rift Bike Helmet


Giro Rift cycle helmet is definitely an ideal buy for bikers who wish awesome comfort as well as stunning looks within a reasonable price. This product is made applying Giro’s in-mold creation, which often joins this helmet’s outside covering with an impact-absorbing EPS liner. This bike’s premium characteristics conclude by using a huge twenty-four cooling functions, maintaining well ventilated process in all kind of trips.

You have just discovered a very well-made, added versatile helmet. Congrats! Nevertheless take care since the Giro Rift Headgear might just make you in a passionate value-minded person. Money for being a latte? No way! Paying money for a parking ticket? Haya! Nevertheless, you’ll be delighted you have this kind of helmet with your ride. And nowadays you are not at all afraid to produce a 20-mile ride to reach work!

This helmet has 24 grills which shift oxygen into the helmet in addition to stagnant air out there to maintain a nice temperature. The Acu Dial System, that makes use of some sort of switch intended for single-handed pressure adjusting, could keep you secure. And also the In-Mold Development, which gives greater strength in addition to vapor transfer for the weight, provides you with an additional chance in case of despair. After you ultimately allow it to work properly, adjust the Snap-Fit Visor, which can stop sunlight and heat from causing trouble to your eyes.

Your head will remain cool within the helmet and also will acquire a good amount of ventilation to it. The price is little bit high and sometimes the helmet harts the forehead.

Hope this will help a lot in selecting the best helmet. But please always wear a helmet during rides because it protects you from some fetal injuries.

Thank you so much for reading this article. The article contains overviews of 7 bike helmets. Actually, a lot of bicycle helmets are available on the market today. It’s worth noting that bike helmets come in a vast variety of design styles, sizes and prices. So, the list of the best bicycle helmets could go on and on. And of course, it’s incredibly important for you to explore all of your options carefully prior to making a final decision. We’ve just reviewed some of the best 7 bicycle helmets available for cyclists in the United States these days. There is no doubt that you’ll find it easy to make the best possible choice! Good luck!

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