MOBIC Life X7 Folding Bike Review
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MOBIC Life X7 Folding Bike Review

MOBIC Life X7 Folding Bike Review

To say the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike is a stunner bike will be an understatement and a disservice to its beauty and power. Beyond being a stunner bike, it is a keeper that has become the delight of many riders. It is an aluminum frame folding bike designed with the best interest of commuters in mind.

The Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike is a Great Urban Bike

The Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike is the perfect choice for cyclists who need a folding bike for traveling around the city. The bike is best known for its “Clamp-n-Lock” folding technology. This type of technology makes it possible for every cyclist to fold/unfold a bicycle fast and easy. You need to know that the bike’s folding/unfolding process is simple and doesn’t take too much time. It will take you 10 seconds to fold/unfold the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike.

After the bike is folded, it decreases in size dramatically. So, you’ll find it easy to take your bicycle on bus, train or subway. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to put the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike in a car. Once you arrive to the necessary destination, you’ll be able to unfold the bicycle and continue riding.

It’s worth noting that the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike comes with many great components. Obviously, the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike has been designed to make traveling long distance easy. Keep in mind that the bike’s key features include: 7-speed grip shifter and derailleur and a 52T Crankgear Kit as well as ergonomic saddle and grips. These features allow a cyclist to ride a bike at high speeds.

And of course, you need to pay a close attention to the bike’s tires. The reality is the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike comes with Kenda Kwest tires. These tires offer lower resistance and high pressure. With high pressure tires, you’ll definitely find it easy to ride the bike.

Other bike’s features include a rear aluminum pannier rack, mudguards as well as folding pedals. It goes without saying that these features can contribute greatly to rider’s comfort.

It’s fair to say that The Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike has been designed with rider’s comfort in mind. The Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike is known for being a lightweight folding bike. The reality is all of the major bike’s components (such as frame, handlebar, seatpost, stem and wheels) are made of lightweight materials. That means that you’ll find it easy to carry the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike.

On the other hand, the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike is an easy to use folding bike. So, it will not take you too long to figure out how the bike works. Besides, there are many videos that demonstrate how the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike works. You’ll be able to find the videos on the bike’s manufacturer’s website, Mobic.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that all of the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike’s components are made of high quality materials. That means that the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike will most likely serve you for a long period of time if you maintain the bike properly.

Below, we’ll give you more details on the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike. We’ll describe all of bike’s features and outline the pros and cons of the bicycle. Besides, we’ll provide you with the images of the bike. All of this will allow you to make your own conclusions about the Mobic Life X7 Folding Bike. So, you’ll be able to decide if this bike is a good option for you or not.

$500 at Amazon

Mobic life X7 folding bike is manufactured in the USA and MOBIC has put in place a 21-point quality inspection and road test prior to shipping of every bike. This is to ensure that proper adjustments are done on every working component of the bike. So, riders can be rest assured about the quality of any MOBIC bikes they purchase.

The MOBIC Life X7 folding bikes comes with MOBIC’s new innovative “Click-n-Lock” folding technology. This allows the bike to fold quickly and also increases the structural integrity of the folding frame and the handlepost. When unfolding the Life X7’s frame and handlepost, a click sound is heard, which indicate that the frame and handle post have been fully extended and locked in place. By pushing the locking lever in place, the folding connector is further tightened and strengthened. As a result, frame flex is reduced and the safety of the rider is guaranteed.


  • Colors: Gray on Gloss White.
  • Speeds: 7
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Folded dimensions: 30″ X 14″ X 26.5″
  • Suggested rider height: 4’8″ to 6’2″
  • Maximum rider weight: 230 lbs.
  • The lightweight aluminum alloy frame is equipped with click-n-lock technology and the fork is Hi-tensile steel.
  • The 7-speed bike has a handpost of adjustable height, alloy linear pull brakes, ergonomic grips and saddle, and 52T Crankgear with derailleur and double sided chainguard.
  • The tires are top quality Kenda Kwest (20″ X 1.5″) and the mudguards are polycarbonate and stainless hardware.
  • The rims/wheels are lightweight aluminum alloy while the spokes are stainless steel with brass nipples and lightweight alloy hubs.
  • Folding/Unfolding time: 15 seconds.
  • Assembled in California.




  • The included fenders (mudguards) and chain guards protect the rider’s clothes against dirt while riding on wet roads or falling in potholes.
  • The industry standard 20-inch tires as well as the linear pull brake can be easily replaced anywhere in the world.
  • The 52T Crank gear kit and the high-pressure low-resistance 70 psi tires contribute to the better speed.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame are easy to carry about, placed in your car or carry on the train and bus.
  • With the Click-n-lock folding technology, the bike can be folded with ease and just in less than 15 seconds.
  • Rear rack frees your shoulders from fatigue by helping to carry the extra load.
  • Great customer support.


  • While 7 speeds are good, some customers of MOBIC life consider that 9 speed will just be perfect for the bike, since it gives more speed and less leg fatigue.
  • The 5 year warranty on the frame, if change to life, will increase the chances of the bike ending up as an heirloom.
  • Some riders complained about the low gear being too high, albeit this is minor.
  • Price is not easy to approach for many customers.

The MOBIC Life X7 is designed for the everyday commuters and is ready for any type of shuttle. Riders can enjoy their commute and experience the fun of riding a MOBIC not just as a means of transportation but also for pleasure and for keeping fit.

Special Price: $500 at Amazon

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A very well-made folding bike with awesome customer support.

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