Columba SP26S Folding Bike with Shimano 18 Speed Review
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Columba SP26S Folding Bike with Shimano 18 Speed Review

Columba SP26S Folding Bike with Shimano 18 Speed Review

Have you decided to purchase a bike? Obviously, you must be very selective when it comes to purchasing a bike. First and foremost, you have to figure out what type of a bike you need. So, you’ll know exactly what you are looking for. On the other hand, you should always set realistic expectations for your bike. Additionally, you need to set up a budget to buy a bike. In other words, you have to decide how much you can spend on buying a bike.

Luckily, there are so many great bikes available on the market these days. So, it’s very important for you to explore all of your options carefully prior to making a final decision to purchase a bike or not. Your task is to pick a bike that can fit your needs and budget.

And of course, you need to pay a close attention to bike’s features. Are you the kind of a person who can’t imagine your life without a bike? Would you like to use a bike every single day? If so, you should definitely consider a folding bike. It’s pretty easy to travel with this type of a bike around the city or around the country. The reality is you’ll be able to fold/unfold your bike very quickly and take it on car, bus, train and other types of public transportation.

You should also take a closer look at bike’s folded size. Make sure that you have enough space to store a bike. The good news is that the vast majority of folding bikes are compact and don’t occupy too much space. That means that you’ll not find it difficult to store your folding bike.

It’s no surprise that people tend to analyze customer reviews in advance when they choose to buy any product. There is no question that you should spend some time on analyzing customer reviews of a bike that you really like. Clearly, this needs to be done prior to making a purchase. By doing so, you’ll be able to figure out what cyclists say about a bike of your choice. You should aim to purchase a folding bike that has built a solid reputation on the market. On the other hand, it would be better for you not to purchase a bike that has a lot of negative reviews.

Shimano has provided a great line of foldable bike fanatics for their amazingly well designed cycles as well as their simplicity of use. The Columba SP26S with 26-inch wheels is Shimano’s one of the most demanded cycle, therefore you understand where the folding bike stands.

In this blog, we’ll give you an exciting opportunity to learn more about Columba SP26S folding bike with Shimano 18 speed shifter and derailleur. First of all, we’ll describe the bike briefly. As a result, you’ll know what to expect from the bike. After that, we’ll draw your attention to bike’s key features. Plus, we’ll outline benefits as well as drawbacks of Columba SP26S folding bike. If you take advantage of this review, you’ll be able to make your own conclusions if Columba SP26S folding bike is worth buying or not. Hopefully, this bike review will help you make the best possible choice! So, you’ll be able to purchase a folding bike of your dreams fast and easy. Let’s get started!

$213.68 at Amazon

This is the perfect bike for the people who wish to ride, but does not have enough space for storage or even good for devoted cyclists that will ride during free time. This is the great ride intended for camping journeys, city commuters, or even for the people looking to understand street routes. The particular Columba 26 would be the perfect choice for recreational cyclists mainly because it enables an easily transportable option so that you can now get the bike anywhere in the world that you choose.

As opposed to several foldable bikes which might be designed with the old retro look; the Columba includes a smooth up-to-date design which is really beautiful and eye-catching. With the entire modern look likewise appear features and accessories which Shimano fans will surely love.

A common difficulty that lots of riders finds when using a foldable bike, they are generally bit bumpy. That can bring discomfort with lengthier rides or the possibility of losing control if riding on a rough road. The good thing is, the suppliers factored this specific problem when making the Columba SP26S.

The framework has a zoom tracker 327v suspension within the entrance and an alloy frame spring suspension at the back side. This included function provides an ease and steady ride while bicycling above the toughest roadways.

The actual 26” wheels are usually much larger in comparison with other bikes. Once again, this particular attribute seemed to be added to support an even more stable and comfy experience. Numerous bikers have compared the feel almost similar to mountain bikes.

The Columba has a monstrous 18 shifter along with derailleur that allows a nice trouble-free uphill riding and speedy gear alterations. Now you will need not to danger chipping the color or even damaging the actual body by means of placing the cycles on the ground because Columba 26″ has a glistening, alloy kickstand.


  • Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow.
  • Frame: Steel
  • Wheels: 26″
  • 18 speed shifter and derailleur from Shimano.
  • Folded size: 38″x14″x29″
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 44 lbs
  • Front and rear V-brake.
  • Kenda 26″ x 1.5″ tires and alloy rims.
  • Handle stem with quick removing front and PVC black bell.
  • Front and rear steel hub.
  • Suggested rider’s height: 5’3″ – 6’0″
  • Recommended rider’s weight: less than 200 lbs.



  • Best looking 26″ foldable bike at a cheap price.
  • Amazing quality, feels extremely sturdy.
  • Once you get familiar it takes only 10-15 seconds to complete the folding.
  • Easily fits inside a car trunk.
  • Fluent gear shifting with no problems and weird clicking noises.


  • Not really lightweight.
  • Break handles are not high quality.
  • When folded, there is no option for locking.

It really is evident that Shimano creative designers had a perception for the tough but comfortable cycle as the primary goal when they thought of the idea of Columba SP26S. Every function with this bike was developed for further improvement of ride-ability of that potential rider. You’ll be able to realize why this is amongst the best ranked foldable cycles available now.

Regular Price: $300

Special Price: $213.68 at Amazon

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A good full-sized folding bike for the price.

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