Dahon Vybe C7A Folding Bike Review - Will low price compromise Comfort and Quality?
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Dahon Vybe C7A Folding Bike Review - Will low price compromise Comfort and Quality?

Dahon Vybe C7A Folding Bike Review – Will low price compromise Comfort and Quality?

Convenient, great riding comfort packed in an inexpensive bike, that is how owners described Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike. The Vybe C7A has long lasting components like its Radius handlepost and Fusion and V-Clamp technologies.

$429 at Amazon + Free Shipping

This bicycle folds in just 15 seconds. This bicycle has barrel adjuster at the derailleur end unlike other bicycles which uses barrel adjuster at the shifter end. Derailleur is bike mechanisms that moves the chain out and up to allow it to shift to different cogs.

It’s important to point out that Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike delivers multiple significant benefits to cyclists. This type of a folding bike comes with all the necessary features that the modern cyclists expect to see in a bicycle. The most significant advantage of this model is that the bike has 7 speeds. And of course, this great feature will contribute greatly to your riding experience.

Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike makes a difference as a bike with a fun retro design.
You need to know that rider’s maximum weight is 105 kg (230 lbs) and suggested rider height is about 142 – 193 cm. It’s pretty clear that this type of a folding bike is the perfect option for heavy weight cyclists.

This is a good space saving solution for those who live in urban areas. It is not easy to find a good folding bike that has all the qualities needed to fill this need. This is a commuter bike that can fold so small that it can be easily stashed in a car or any form of common transportation like bus or train. This bike offers the perfect solution with a reasonable price to boot. This bicycle can accommodate most of the conditions encountered by city dwellers. Riders can incorporate optimal positions for comfort and speed.

Folding/Unfolding Video

Features and Specs

  • Color: Obsidian
  • Wheel size: 20 inches.
  • Folded size: 11.8″ × 31.5″ × 26″ (30 × 80 x 66 cm)
  • Product Weight: 25.26 lbs (11.46 kgs)
  • Frame: AA Series – Dalloy Aluminum with Dahon Visegrip Technology.
  • Patented Radius handlepost; forged aluminium made.
  • Fork: Integrated Fusion technology.
  • Brakes: alloy, V-brake, 110 mm
  • Patented Seat Clamp Anti Fulcrum technology.
  • Two color ergonomically designed grips.
  • Comfortable saddle.
  • Crankset: forged alloy 6061 arms, double chainguard, 46T
  • Oversized seatpost made of solid alloy.
  • Spokes: 14 GA Stainless steel
  • Pedals: folding
  • Kickstand: alloy, center mount
  • Compact, folds easily as fast less than 20 seconds.
  • Suggested height for riders: 4’8″ – 6’4″ (142 to 193 cm)
  • Maximum rider weight: 230 lbs. (105 kgs.)
  • Shipping weight: 35 lbs (16 kgs)
  • Box dimensions: 33″ x 12″ x 25.6″ (84cm x 31cm x 65cm)


Test Riding Video


  • As it was mentioned earlier, the folding bike comes with 7 speeds and, of course, this is something that makes the bike more versatile.
  • It’s fair to say that Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike is a highly durable folding bike. The reality is the bike comes with long lasting parts. That means that if you choose to buy this type of a folding bike, then it will likely serve you for many years (even if you use it every day).
  • Strong handle post provides solid connection to frame and fork.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame but sturdy and solid.
  • Comfortable saddle since it does not hurt even when riding for the bicycle for a longer period of time.
  • Easy to fold and unfold. It will take you no more than 15 minutes to fold (unfold) a bike. That means that you’ll not find it hard to take a bike on public transport.
  • Unisex design.
  • Offers options for various terrains.
  • Packed with advanced features
  • Rear and front fenders/mudguards are included


  • Rear derailleur needs adjusting since it slips. Assuming that the drive train is in perfect condition the bike needs some cable adjustment
  • Some issues on adjusting the hand brake. Avoid treating this bike like a BMX bike which is usually used for tricks.
  • Some minor issues on height adjustability.
  • Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike is more expensive bike comparing to some of other models of Dahon’s folding bikes.

Customer Reviews

And of course, like any buyer you’ll probably decide to check customer reviews of the folding bike prior to making a purchase. Let’s take a closer look at Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike’s customer reviews and try to figure out if cyclists are happy with the bike or not. Also, we’ll be able to get an understanding of what people say about the bike.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of consumers are satisfied with the bike. If you pay a close attention to the bike’s customer reviews, you’ll see that most buyers like the bike. The statistics has shown that up to 55% of consumers have left 5 Star reviews about the folding bike, up to 19% of consumers have left 4 Star reviews about the folding bike and up to 10% of consumers have left 3 Star reviews about the folding bike. Totally, up to 84% of cyclists are satisfied with the bike.

Clearly, Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike is an incredibly popular folding bike that has built a solid reputation among cyclists of all skill levels. Cyclists say that Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike is a perfect bike available at affordable price. A lot of cyclists say that Dahon Vybe C7A Obsidian Folding Bike is a great folding bike for the price and they pay a close attention to the fact that the bike is worth its money.


For those who are asking if rim brake or disk brake is better, the answer lies on several factors like the weight of the person riding the bike, the riding style and even the climate during the time that he wishes to ride. These are the factors that riders should consider if they want to use the right brake. A person who lives in highly urbanized area needs good solid and trustworthy folding bike. This bicycle is reasonably priced and has excellent high quality parts. All that city dwellers might seek for a folding bike. For a safe and harmonious ride, just buy the Dahon Vybe C7A. It definitely offers more than its cost.

$429 at Amazon + Free Shipping

Check lowest price and read more customer reviews …

Review Overview

Build Quality
Riding Experience


A lightweight bike delivering great convenience and comfort.


  1. John tuohy

    How about a review of the montecci folding bike I’m thinking of buying one but cannot find any reviews(I have seen a few of them in the city someone flew past my job on one)

    • Tuan Do

      Hi John,
      Probably I could review the Montecci bike next week, check it again soon. :)

  2. Abhijit


    Am confused between Mu p8 and Vybe C7a. Looking at your comments Vybe C7a looks to be better option, considering my priorities, i.e. managing pot holes. I am 96kg and infidelity need more sturdy bike, can compromise on bike weight. I am fine to spend extra money, only if there added benefit apart from being lightweight or 8 gears.

    Please advise.

  3. Wayne

    Where I live (rural Japan) my choices are the:

    Louis Garneau 14 LGS-POP★14L-U107,
    Tern Link B7
    Dahon Vybe or
    Dahon Route

    I can’t find any reviews for the Dahon Route or Louis Garneau. Do you have any experience with these folding bicycles? Any thoughts?

    For interest I’ve included a link to a Japanese site that helps find products. There are loads of folding bikes, the most popular being on the cheap end. Japanese are very utilitarian regarding bicycles.

  4. Dick Tzou

    Dear Do,
    I have read your excellent reviews of Dahon Vybe C7A and Speed D7. I am considering between the Vybe C7A and Speed D7. I can’t decide between the two, it seems that the Vybe is a better deal considering the price and it is even about two pounds lighter, which I like. However, there must be some things that the Speed has advantage over the Vybe since it is about $150 more in list price than the Vybe. Does the Speed have better quality parts and frame than the Vybe ? or better design maybe, which is hard to see unless you start riding it ? Could you shed some more light on the two bikes to help me decide ? The Speed includes a back rack to carry stuff, but this only could not be $150 more ?


  5. Karen F.


    I am in between getting this bike and the Speed D7. I am weighing out all the pros and cons. Your reviews have helped me put more thought into my decision. This C7A bike is priced at $450. Amazon also has a D7 for $450. http://amzn.to/1x8ZWBZ

    It seems like I might get more from a D7 for the same price (in terms of speed and performance) However, my gut instinct is telling me to for the C7A. And I AM leaning towards this one a bit more. I’ll be using the bike for mainly for leisure, and travel across campus. Weight and size are definitely two big factors. The C7A is slightly lighter and smaller, which is great for me.

    Also, if I get the C7A from Amazon, does it come with the front and back reflectors? On Amazon it says it’ll come with fenders. The picture doesn’t show any accessories.

    How would you suggest I go about this?


    • Tuan Do

      Hi Karen,
      You can check out real pictures of the Dahon C7A in my review here: http://www.foldingbike20.com/dahon-vybe-c7a-folding-bike-review/
      I bought it on Amazon, so you should expect the same thing. Mine come with all those accessories.
      I myself will choose the Speed D7 as it comes with a stronger frame. Moreover, the C7A’s price was always cheaper than Speed D7. But if you prefer the C7A design and light weight, it is still a good choice. I appreciate if you can buy your folding bike via our Amazon link here: http://amzn.to/1x8ZWBZ

  6. Sailor Girl

    Do the pedals fold?

    • Tuan Do

      Yes it does fold. I’ve just updated the specs.

  7. Zachary Waggoner

    I’ve been looking at buying a folding bike, as I will be living in an apartment further away from my campus this year. (I live in Boston). So, I’ve been looking into folding bikes and using your site as a resource. I’ve been trying to stay with an affordable bike, and I noticed you thought highly of the Dahon Vybe C7A, and was looking into that. But, I found on some websites the availability of the Durban Bay 6 for a cheaper price. I saw that you have folding and unfolding videos for the Durban Bay 6, but I can’t find a review yet, so I was wondering what your thoughts were on what I am losing or if I am losing anything if I were to pick the Durban bike.



    • Tuan Do

      Hi Zach,
      The review of Durban Bay 6 is live now http://www.foldingbike20.com/durban-bay-6-review/
      I highly recommend the Vybe C7A, it is unbeatable for the price.
      Btw, I appreciate if you can buy it via our Amazon link above in the review. :)

  8. Kathy

    Thanks so much for your website. It is super useful! I noticed in your video that folding the bike took longer than 15 seconds and the process seemed a bit clumsy. Is this because it was your first time folding the bike?

    Also, can a rack be added to the bike?


  9. Tuan Do

    Yes Kathy,
    I should have made another video for the bike. This was my first Dahon so I was a little confused with the process.
    And sure you can buy a rack for the bike. :)

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