Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike Review
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Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike Review

Dahon is among the leading brands in folding cycles for years and this knowledge are obvious in every little details comprised in the Formula S18. Take a note of the anodized height marks on the post, cast I-Beam seats clamp, brass bushings provided for smooth activity in its quick release levers as well as painting and well finished welds in the frame.

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Dahon Formula S18 is known for being a well-designed, comfortable, high performance and, most importantly, secure folding bike. Obviously, the bike has been designed with rider’s comfort in mind. That means that you’ll certainly find it easy to ride the bike. The bike itself is very quiet. That means that you’ll not make too much noise when riding Dahon Formula S18 folding bike. Now, let’s take a close look at Dahon Formula S18 folding bike’s features.

Dahon Formula S18 has also recommended itself as a feature rich bike. It’s clear that the bike has everything that’s needed for an enjoyable ride. And of course, Dahon Formula S18 is a folding bike that impresses riders with its high performance. You should know that the bike has 18 speeds that make it possible for you to ride very quickly and overcome different types of challenges on your way easily and successfully.

It’s also important to note that Dahon Formula S18 makes a difference as a folding bike with high pressure tires. Even if weather is wet, bike’s tires will allow you to stop quickly and efficiently. A rider will be able to take advantage of bike’s excellent stopping power anytime. Plus, the bike is equipped with great mechanical disc brakes that improve the rider’s security significantly. There is no question that Dahon Formula S18 is a very powerful folding bike that will exceed your expectations.

Above all, Dahon Formula S18 is considered to be a highly durable bike. It’s important to point out that all of bike’s parts are made of excellent quality materials that last for a long time. The reality is the bike comes with a classic frame that has been made of high quality aluminum. Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that the bike’s aluminum frame is light. Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to carry Dahon Formula S18 folding bike when such a need arises.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t take a rider too long to fold/unfold Dahon Formula S18 bicycle when such a need arises. It’s worth noting that the process of folding/unfolding a bike is simple and takes 10 – 15 seconds only. The bike doesn’t occupy too much space when it’s folded. Riders say that it’s not difficult to take the bike on train even during rush hours. So, you’ll be able to take Dahon Formula S18 on a car or on any type of public transportation. Dahon Formula S18 is the perfect bike for riding in rural and urban areas. The bike can be used for travelling across the country.

You need to know that Dahon Formula S18 is a highly customizable folding bike. It’s pretty easy to adjust a bike to any of your needs. First of all, you need to pay a close attention to Dahon Formula S18 folding bike’s handlebar. Handlebar’s height is adjustable. Thus, a rider will find it easy to take the necessary position. It goes without saying that Dahon Formula S18 bikes will provide you with smooth riding experience. The bike’s seat is also adjustable. So, a rider has an opportunity to select the necessary seat’s height.

Dahon Formula S18 is actually a lot of fun, even for those who might not be with an aim to obtain the quickest folding bike on the market. It performs nicely as a sound commuter or a bike for leisure time. But my thought is that if anybody tries this bike out, they will realize his or her desire for speed. It’ll climb hills as easily as any highway bike, melt roads as a customized Formula 1 car, and go past obstacles like a brand new appendage. After getting Dahon formula S18 you will surely do more journeys.

The Dahon Formula S18 is a stunning bike. It provides a smooth, fast-folding framework having level handlebars, eighteen speeds, really efficient disc brakes, along with Schwalbe Kojak tires. The cycle is pretty lightweight and comfortable to handle, being released in an extremely comfortable pack of 25 lbs. You can easily carry this cycle in a backpack and stroll 20 KM way and forget about its existence.

The Dahon Formula S18 can be a package of durability along with performance wrapped together. This very fast commuter possesses an 18 speed Shimano drive train to help get you to your desired location with both pace and grace. All the parts to the magnificently CNC machined Avid cranks is of best quality. The riding mechanism in the formula S18 is as great as you would like by adjusting seats and the handlebars. If you made a decision to ride in a relatively extreme position the Dahon Formula S18 can be the best bike for you because this may be the fastest folding bike you will find in the market nowadays. Another thing is that when you put the cycle in motion in the road it will feel almost like a road motorcycle. The particular Kojak tires run so easily on the surface of the road, not allowing anything available between you and the amazing speed. Take a closer look at this bike in the video below.


  • Shimano Drivetrain with 18 speeds.
  • Tiagara derailleurs are also included.
  • Folded Size: 11.3″ × 31.2″ × 25.7″ (29 × 80 × 66 cm).
  • Weight: 24.6 lbs (11.2 kg).
  • Frame: K Series, 7005 double-butted aluminum
  • Exclusive latch and frame for durability.
  • Schwalbe extreme pressure tires.
  • Very speedy bike along with the classic fold unfold option.
  • Black stainless spokes with WTB both side walled rims.
  • AVID long lasting and high performance disc brakes.



  • Excellent design and material quality.
  • Gives an array of different size riders to get an appropriate fit.
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • The cycle folds, unfolds easily without effort and minimal hassle.
  • Nice comfortable ride obtained with slick and trusted shifting.
  • Includes probably the best disc brake in this group.
  • One of the lightest folding bikes.


  • Its quick acceleration can cause problems to people who are not used to it.
  • More suitable for casual riders.

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A perfect folding bike if you can afford the high price tag.

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