TEMPEST Shimano 6-Speed Folding Bike Review
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TEMPEST Shimano 6-Speed Folding Bike Review

TEMPEST Shimano 6-Speed Folding Bike Review

Shimano, the producer of the cycle, has a well established reputation as the leading manufacturer of the finest, lightweight, foldable bicycles currently available. This Tempest 20″ folding cycle isn’t a distinct. This metal framed cycle is best for anyone who wants a smooth drive that could be easily as well as effectively decreased in size with regard to easy carrying or quick storing at anyplace.

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Do you travel by public transportation frequently? No worries. The Tempest 20 inches uses up hardly any space when folded, unlike other cycles. Tempest bike is designed for having leisurely trips or even checking out the downtown areas whilst on a holiday. It may possibly fit into expense storage compartments in airplanes or trains.

This Tempest can be the cheapest Shimano’s 20-inch cycle. Keeping genuine on the lineage of folding bikes, Shimano produced that bike in a way that the essential design looks exactly like the previous old European folders which made the folding bikes very popular. Thankfully for you, Tempest 20″ not only got the awesome look of the old style folders, but it also has a lot of elegant modern day features also.

In contrast to many foldable cycles, this Tempest’s body is constructed from steel as opposed to alloy for a stronger journey as well as defense from smashing. Although steel is mostly heavier, Shimano somehow worked out a method to develop this Tempest at a weight of 27 pounds only. That is drastically less than most common bikes and in many cases, many folding cycles also.

The Tempest is one of the most economical 20-inch folding cycle. The bike added smooth as well as secure handling. The fenders, kickstand as well as rear rack make this a perfect city commuter. Also the Tempest offers safety latching, which provides easy folding as well as optimum protection.

Another substantial stand out element would be the 6 speed Shimano Revo Shifter that enables a easy shifting of gears and a very smooth drive. Most of the foldable cycles are only single speed that could make uphill riding extremely tough and in some cases strenuous. Having 6 speed, you’ll be capable of riding stiff cliffs without a lot of afford.


  • Color: Blue, Silver, White
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • 20″ Steel Frame with a safety latch system
  • Handlebar are Aluminum made and Height Adjustable
  • Foldable stem
  • 20″ rims with Alloy Double Wall
  • Shimano 6 Speed Revo Twist Grip
  • Shimano 6 Speed derailleur
  • Free foldable pedals, front & rear fenders and rear rack are included with the package.



  • Folds fairly easily.
  • The bike is very easy to assemble as the package comes folded.
  • It’s lightweight and also very convenient for carrying.


  • Gears are poorly made, so it is tough to switch gears.
  • Cheap materials.
  • Handlebars are little bit difficult to adjust.
  • Handlebar hinge for folding sometime struck badly.

This particular Tempest bike is good for anyone who is seeking a folding bike with an affordable price. However, you probably will have to pay more to fix and adjust the bike. If you can do it all by yourself, this is a good choice.

Check Amazon for Current Availability & Pricing

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Affordable folding bike but it will need some adjustments for good rides.

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