Hasa F2 Sram 6-Speed Folding Bike Review
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Hasa F2 Sram 6-Speed Folding Bike Review

Hasa F2 Sram 6-Speed Folding Bike Review

HASA cycles tend to be properly designed with world-class accessories and components. As much as creative imagination is concerned, HASA is incredibly satisfactory for the customers. It goes without saying that HASA has become an incredibly popular brand that really needs no introduction in the world of cyclists.

HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike is known for being one of the best HASA’s cycles. Clearly, the bike has a lot to offer to riders of all skill levels. The bike makes a big impression on riders with its beautiful design. HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike is available in two colors. You can purchase the bike of either white or black colors. Among the bike’s key features are: aluminum alloy frame, 20″ alloy wheels, alloy seat post, Shimano 6 speed shifter, mudguards, folding lock and many others.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed is a compact folding bike. It’s worth noting that the bike’s folding/unfolding process is simple and doesn’t take too much time. So, you’ll find it easy to fold/unfold a bike. This process will take no longer than 15 seconds. The bike’s folded sizes are: 33″ x 25″ x 13″. Obviously, the bike doesn’t occupy too much space when it’s folded. You’ll find it easy to fold/unfold a bike when such a need arises. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to take a bike on public transportation.

The bike itself is very comfortable and easy-to-use. It doesn’t take a rider too much time to adjust the bike to his/her needs. You’ll be able to figure out how the bike works quickly. It’s pretty easy to assemble HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike.

HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed is known for being a versatile folding bike. HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed is the perfect bike for traveling around the city, for traveling in rural areas and even for traveling around the country. No matter how you choose to use this type of folding bike, HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed will always provide you with comfortable riding experience.

This review has been created to make it possible for you to figure out whether HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike is worth buying or not. Below, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the bicycle. First of all, we’ll provide you with unboxing video where you’ll be able to see all the bike’s parts. Additionally, you’ll have an understanding of how HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike looks like. Plus, the video contains HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike’s folding/unfolding process. Thus, you’ll get an opportunity to see how the bike is folded and unfolded. Then, we’ll turn your attention to specs and features of HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike. After that, we’ll give you some insights into the bike’s performance. And of course, we’ll outline pros and cons of the bike. Lastly, we’ll help you make conclusions about HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike.

$269 on Amazon & Prime Eligible

Unboxing Video

Specs and Features

  • Color: Black, White
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)
  • Folded size: 33″ x 25″ x 13″ (84cm x 64cm x 33cm)
  • Frame: Aluminum 6061 Alloy
  • 6-Speed Shifter from Sram
  • Wheel size: 20″
  • Tires: KENDA 20″x1.5 K-193
  • Suggested rider’s height: 4’8″ to 6’3″
  • Recommended rider’s weight: under 240 lbs.
  • 40.2mm x 510mm alloy seat post.
  • Carton dimensions: 13″ x 33″ x 26.5″
  • Shipping weight: 34.2 lbs (15.5 kg)

Folding & Unfolding


A reliable folding bicycle is within the price range from $500 to $2000. So this can make your Hasa F2 something of a value buy. A 6-speed Brompton P6R can be bought for around $2000 but it weighs about 29 lbs. This is actually the same weight as Hasa F2 six speeds. Brompton relies on a steel frame in addition to plastic suspension as the Hasa relies on a state-of-the-art alloy frame.

This F2 makes use of the typical 20″ wheels delivering a somewhat easier drive on rough pavements. It manages this heavier leak resilient Marathon Pluses easily – this heavier tires usually do not influence F2s stability.

The making of the F2 can be remarkable. This bike uses accessories of typical brand name such as Shimano, Weinmann and the care about aspect can be of high order certainly. I can’t locate just one area of the body on this cycle that has been fudged. Even the stand is really a beautiful work which is crafted from light aluminum. Unfortunately, this is a cheap bike and Hasa still has to use some low-quality components to reduce the cost. For instance, the fenders are bent out of the box and if you have ever used a Dahon, you won’t have the same smooth experience folding and unfolding this bike.

The riding experience on the Hasa bike is good enough, I have no problem riding it in the city with some low hills in the park. The only issue is that the gears got stuck occasionally when I shift gears and it made some loud noises. I had to move back to the previous gear and change gear again.



  • Assembling the cycle is easy because it is sent almost ready to ride
  • Folding and unfolding process is easy and it can be done within 15 seconds
  • The gear shift and the handles work nicely
  • Solid frame
  • Mudguards and rack are included


  • Folding lock has some problems
  • Still a little bulky when folded
  • Requires a strap to hold wheels together
  • Brakes, pedals and gears need adjustment for better performance
  • Some cheap components
  • The fenders arrived bent.


Overall, Hasa F2 is usually firm and handling is smooth. You’ll find that curious onlookers eye glances are attached with affection. The Hasa F2 offers a lot. It is just a champion regarding traveling in order to reach work or school also good for weekend rides in nearby parks.

Regular Price: $420.00

Special Price: $269 on Amazon & Prime Eligible

Customer Reviews Statistics

If you take a look at the HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike’s customer reviews, you’ll be able to see that up to 87% of cyclists have left positive reviews about the bike. So, the vast majority of customers are happy with HASA F2 Sram 6-Speed folding bike! All this means that the bike is worth buying and provides good value for money!

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Review Overview

Riding Experience


A good choice for low-budget riders.

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