Best Lightweight Folding Bikes - A Choice for Modern People
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Best Lightweight Folding Bikes - A Choice for Modern People

Best Lightweight Folding Bikes – A Choice for Modern People

The popularity of folding bikes is increasing day by day. This is because such a bike may be stored easily as well as can be carried on buses and trains.

Don’t think that the compact size will compromise quality. The brand name is also a big matter because top brands possess a reputation in addition to market position which they care. Apart from specs or features, product reviews and recommendations can also help. To match your requirements in a bike, there are quite a number of ideal choices you possibly should consider.


The folding bike models will not be inferior to the regular bikes when it comes to durability and performance. Lightweight folding bikes can provide you lots of good advantages. First, you can certainly pack that on a train or maybe bus if you travel long distance. Second, you can carry it around handily without significant problem. Additionally, it can be a common notion that lightweight products mean convenience and also lesser burden on the part of the user. Lastly, a lightweight feature could also mean quick storage and also space supervision. Lightweight folding bikes could be a fantastic solution for those who are quite conscious about the amount of space they have in their homes – for example people living in apartments and flats. Storage is not an issue at all. It may easily fit into a modest space or corner. Additionally, it can certainly be transported as it fits well into a vehicle’s trunk area. Because of this you can take it to you whenever you intend to have a weekend escape. You may have that comforting, enjoyable along with pleasurable experience of riding at any time and at any place. The special feature enables you to conveniently consider your bike as a partner in your travel.

A lightweight bike does not mean lesser durability and security. In reality, most cyclists are completely enthusiastic about the performance and safety feature of their bikes. Most of the folders are comparable to traditional or maybe conventional bikes with regards to stability, durability and quality.

Most Lightweight Folding Bikes

Below some high-quality lightweight folding bike models in the North America:

1. Dahon MU Uno


Dahon MU Uno, made by the market-leaders Dahon, is simply the lightest folding bike with 20-inch wheels. The single-speed bike is so small and light that I can easily carry it with one hand. Specifically, it weighs just 22 lbs (9.9 kg). The folding bike looks gorgeous with its minimal design (no cable, no shifter) and high-quality sturdy frame. If you feel uncomfortable with the coaster brake (back-pedalling brake), you still can use the included dual-pivot caliper brake and handbrake lever.

The bike is currently available for around $599 on Amazon, this is absolutely on top of my recommendations.

2. Dahon Speed Uno

Dahon Speed Uno is another lightweight bike weighing just over 24 pounds. The bike has single speed with rear coaster brake. This is a great looking bike with minimal design, it is an ideal means of transportation for commuters, campers and even caravaners.

Dahon Speed Uno is the among most lightweight folding bikes available on the U.S. market. It is currently priced at $399, good value for the excellent bike.


3. Retrospec Speck SS


Speck SS Folding Bike is the new single-speed that is very similar to the Dahon Speed Uno. They both have almost the same size and weight. However, the Speck SS is nearly $100 cheaper than the Dahon bike and it comes with a wide range of colors for different styles.

The 24-pound bike is on sale for less than $300 on Amazon and it is also the lowest-priced bike in the list. Notice that the bike has a lot of positive feedback but it failed to impress me, you can see my review of the Speck SS here.

4. Dahon Vybe C7A


The Dahon Vybe C7A weighing only 25.26 lbs is a new and very popular portable bike (it folds to 11.8″ × 31.5″ × 26″ in just 15 seconds). The hand-welded frame of the bicycle is so sturdy, the design looks modern and it comes with 7 gears. The Dahon Neos rear derailleur of the bike gives it superior ground clearance and so the bike will not snag on the ground even when you go past sharp bends. It is sold on Amazon for less than $399.

5. Brompton S1E / S1E-X

The Brompton S1E folding bicycle with its superlight steel frame weighs just 22.4 lbs while the S1E-X with titanium fork and rear frame weighs just 22 lbs. Made in the UK, this commuter bike enables you to fold the bike into a very compact size (22.2″ x 21.5″ x 9.8″), making it easy for you to carry and store the bike. Other features of the bike include adjustable saddle heights, folding pedals, 16 x 1-3/8″ Brompton Kevlar tires. However, it might be a little more complicated and take more time to fold and unfold the bike.

6. Dahon IOS S9

The new Dahon IOS S9 (2014 model) currently has no competition in terms of weight and design. The manufacturer uses 24-inch wheels to provide better speed and comfort for riders, however, surprisingly it doesn’t compromise its weight at all. IOS S9 is among the most lightweight big-sized folding bikes we have ever ridden in the United States. The model weighs just 28.6 lbs (12.97 kgs).

It also comes with disc brakes to provide better stopping power in harsh weather conditions. The Hydroformed Dalloy frame delivers a stable and comfortable ride, it is also very durable and lightweight at the same time.


The bike is almost a perfect choice in my opinion, your only concern could be its high price but you will get what you pay for. It is available for over $1000 on Amazon and you can also buy the cheaper IOS S9 2013 model. They are basically the same bikes with different colors.

Many people are becoming increasingly keen on folding bicycles. The main reason is that they’re cost-effective, innovative, useful, as well as space-saving bicycles which might be easy to transport. Bicycles are generally great investments nowadays because fuel price is increasing day by day. Moreover, these are generally environment-friendly vehicles which will help save our planet from damaging outcomes of vehicle smoke.


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