Verso Cologne Folding Bike Review
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Verso Cologne Folding Bike Review

Verso Cologne Folding Bike Review

Picking the right type of a folding bicycle may be not a simple thing to do. If you start looking for a folding bike, you’ll definitely have a lot of options. The reality is folding bikes come in a vast variety of brands, design styles and sizes. Actually, there are many different types of folding bicycles available these days. That means that it will take you too much time to explore all options carefully and make a smart choice.

Obviously, you should aim to purchase a folding bicycle that suits your lifestyle, meets all of your riding needs and fits your budget. And of course, you need to pick a bike that’s the right size for you. Which type of a bike is best for you? What features do you need in a bike? It would be better for you to get the answers to these two important questions before to start considering folding bikes.

Today, we would like to draw your attention to Verso Cologne folding bike. It’s no surprise that the Verso Cologne is known for being one of the global cycling industry leaders. The company has years of experience in manufacturing world-class folding bicycles.

It’s worth noting that this model has the reputation of a lightweight, easy-to-fold, compact and comfortable folding bicycle. It goes without saying that Verso Cologne folding bike is a great choice for riders who need a fast bike. The bicycle is good for commuting, shopping and recreational riding. Plus, the bike has a wide range of options. The big question is – is this folding bike worth buying? This is what we have to decide right now!

What Makes Verso Cologne Folding Bike So Special

The bike’s key features include a lightweight double-lock frame that’s made of aluminum. It’s important to know that the bike’s frame is stable. This type of a frame allows a cyclist to maintain control over his/her bike easily during a ride.

Bear in mind that Verso Cologne folding bike comes with 7 speeds and 20 inch wheels that contribute greatly to bike’s performance and comfort.

Rider’s safety has been always one of the top priorities for the Verso Cologne. It’s crucial for you to know that Verso Cologne folding bike is equipped with aluminum V-brakes. With brakes like these ones you’ll definitely find it easy to keep yourself safe during a ride.

And of course, the manufacturer puts a lot of focus on rider’s comfort. The reality is Verso Cologne folding bike is equipped with sturdy front and rear metal fenders. Fenders make it possible for a cyclist to stay away from road debris and spray. All of this means that you’ll feel yourself comfortable on the bike.

Other bike’s features include rear derailleur, thumb as well as shifter 3-piece anodized crank set.
Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that the bike is adjustable. That means that you’ll find it easy to adapt your bicycle to your riding. Verso Cologne folding bike is likely to fit your body perfectly. So, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

The Verso Cologne Aluminum Folding Bike can do every little thing you’d anticipate from a top level foldable bike. This folds up in just a few seconds also lightweight and can fit nearly anywhere.

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Moreover, you will feel the smoothness in riding bike if you test this bike. Its ergonomically developed frame usually restores confidence of secure biking. A combination of top end parts comprise the bike which supplies all the necessary equipments you’ll need within every commute  for smooth and enjoyable journey. Long lasting Kenda Kwick tires are generally smooth, fast and easy to accelerate.

Ride the Verso Cologne and soon you will comprehend the actual fun you might have been missing and also the convenience at which it adapts your riding style for commuting, recreational biking or merely riding to the nearby supermarket. Once you’re finished with riding, just fold the Verso Cologne into the incorporated foldable bike case and keep it in the corner of the room or cupboard until you want to ride yet again.

Furnished with the easy to fold aluminum framework. For bike carrying and storing a storage bag is included with the bike. Best quality, Shimano Tourney  7-speed gear and fast moving 20-inch small wheels from Kenda Kwick auto tires, and also stable front and back aluminum V-brakes are included with the bike. With all this features this cycle supplies a sleek, fast and also reactive drive. Regardless of whether you are commuting, riding for fun in the park, or using it to go to work, the Verso Cologne is created for the best performance.


  • Colors: Blue and White.
  • Forged aluminum frame and effective folding design.
  • Latch folding mechanism with double lock and hinge.
  • 20 inches wheel.
  • Folded size: 31 x 12 x 31 inches.
  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Kenda Kwick tires.
  • Brush guard with forged aluminum crank set.
  • Nice storage bag.
  • Seven-speed gearing.
  • Very effective Shimano 7-speed Tourney rear derailleur with thumb shifter.
  • Durable front and backside material fenders protect you from highway particles and dusts; fashionable bags tray together with built-in elastic cords.
  • Made in China.



  • Its folding size is very small and compact, after short rides perfect for storing it in the car.
  • Shifts well and also rides smooth.
  • Great product concerning the price.
  • If you like to upgrade it and customize, this is the right bike for you.


  • Folding process is little bit difficult and should be done carefully.
  • Some components are made of cheap materials.
  • Still too heavy.

With countless offers available in presents today, it truly is good to experience a name you are able to trust. This item is unquestionably one of those and it will be a perfect purchase. The provider included some terrific features and this is good value of your money. You’ll be able to trust this specific evaluation, I really hope you will look to obtain this product after which you will know whether this bike is good or not. Notice that the white edition is much cheaper than the blue one.

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This is a very well made folding bike for the price range of $200.

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