Omega Folding Bicycle Review
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Omega Folding Bicycle Review

Omega Folding Bicycle Review

Do you think you’re seeking to escape this gridlocked highways in route towards office in addition to preserve both environment and money along the way, and require an issue that is usually helpful in bus and train? Luckily, there are many options available for you today. That’s the reason why you may find it hard to pick a bike that fits your needs in the best possible way. Obviously, you must be very selective when it comes to choosing a folding bicycle.

Do you think you’re a business vacationer who regularly uses trains and aero planes both across the country and internationally and is also seeking to take the folding bike together to reduce your weight both spiritually and physically by subtracting together your current system regarding exercise in addition to escape in these boring trips? If so, you’ll definitely need to purchase a folding bike. The reality is a folding bicycle can be easily folded or unfolded if necessary. That means that a folding bicycle can be easily taken on the public transportation (bus, train and subway). It’s also important to note that Omega folding bicycle is the bike that can fit easily into a car trunk. All of this means that it wouldn’t be difficult for you to travel with a folding bike both locally and internationally.

Or maybe you will be far more the adventurous kind exactly who relishes a superb few days getaway as much 30 days or long travelling across The European countries or around the world. Or perhaps you are looking for all-out usefulness inside your folding bike that is seeing that liberating in your case seeing that having the ability to join some sort of top quality custom designed, custom built, highly specific, good performance mountain bicycle intended for different people. For all this Omega Folding Bike could be your best companion. Omega is a well-recognized brand in the world of cycling and there is no question about it. You need to know that Omega has many years of experience in manufacturing high quality folding bikes. If you pay a close attention to Omega bicycles, you’ll quickly find that these bikes have been designed with rider’s comfort in mind. It’s worth noting that Omega folding bikes are well-designed, compact, lightweight and easy to use. Each of Omega folding bicycles has everything that’s needed to enjoy a comfortable ride and Omega 16″ model is not an exception. Now, let’s take a closer look at Omega 16″ folding bicycle.

Omega 16″ is considered one of the best Vilano folding bike items. Quite simple, lightweight layout, equipped with just one velocity ensures it is best for individuals who are looking for bikes with less difficult gears and equipment. This bike is most suitable for people intended to commute in campus and in relatively short travelling activities. Not really encouraged in very long distance travelling and visiting, as you are unable to precede faster speed using this one speed cycle. But it is successful and also satisfying when intended for small commute.

It’s worth pointing out that the bike impresses riders with its beautiful and convenient design. It’s fair to say that the bike’s design is very simple. People, who choose to use the bicycle for traveling around the city, often give a preference to this particular model.

Omega 16″ is a lightweight folding bike, solely 29 pounds and got the folding size of 12″ x 21″ x 29″. And like other bicycles, Vilano Omega folding bike is straightforward for you to fold and also unfold, also equipped with holder & fenders.

Below, we’ll give you more details on the Omega 16″ folding bicycle. First of all, we’ll describe the bike and tell you about the bike’s key features. After that, we’ll give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the Omega 16″ folding bike. Besides, we’ll provide you with the customer review statistics for the bike. As a result, you’ll get an understanding of what to expect from the bicycle. And of course, this will help you make a decision if Omega 16″ folding bicycle is a good option for you or not.

Product Description

The actual OMEGA folding bike carries a basic one-speed design and style and that is popular with metropolitan commuters. It’s really basic, no intricate equipment to fool with, only hop on and move. Backside Rack and also Fenders are pre-installed within the cycle.


  • Colors: Red and Black.
  • Frame: 16″ Steel Compact folding bike
  • Stem: Foldable
  • Folds to: 12″ x 21″ x 29″
  • Handlebar: Adjustable Height
  • Crank: 44T w/ Chain guard
  • Brake: Nice Linear Pull V
  • Rims: Double Walled Alloy
  • Weighs: 27 lbs
  • Well Equipped with safety latch system



  • It folds to a small size to fits in the corner of any apartment
  • Omega Folding Bike comes with a kickstand.
  • Folding and unfolding is very easy and simple.
  • This folding bike is very cheap considering its positives.
  • Rear rack and also front and rear fenders are included


  • Sometimes brakes become very hard to adjust.
  • Not the fastest and effortless bike to ride in the road.
  • Not suitable for long trips.

Regular Price: $249

Special Price: $159 (Save $90 on Amazon)

Customer Review Statistics

Now, it’s time to analyze the Omega 16″ folding bike’s customer reviews statistics. The statistics has shown that 36% of consumers have left 5 Star reviews about the bike, 9% of consumers have left 4 Star reviews about the bike, 14% of consumers have left 3 Star reviews about the bike, 27% of consumers have left 2 Star reviews about the bike and 14% of consumers have left 1 Star reviews about the bike.

As you can see, the vast majority of cyclists (up to 59%) are happy with Omega 16″ folding bike. On the other hand, there are many cyclists (up to 41%) are not happy with the bike. Obviously, it makes a lot of sense for you to explore other options carefully before to decide if Omega 16″ folding bike is a good option for you or not.

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Review Overview



A basic folding bike for short commutes.

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