Fixed Gear vs Geared Folding Bikes - What are the Differences?
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Fixed Gear vs Geared Folding Bikes - What are the Differences?

Fixed Gear vs Geared Folding Bikes – What are the Differences?

The fixed-gear single-speed foldable bikes continues to achieve reputation as one of the best pedal bikes. Very first popularized by bike messengers, fixed gear bike, fixed wheel bike, single-speed or perhaps fixie bikes, with time has evolved as the cult subsequent in many places of the globe. There are various factors that explain why fixed bikes have become a winner among bicycling aficionados.

Nevertheless some people are mesmerized using the simplicity of the bikes; in addition fixed bikes are incredibly light in weight. Fixed gear bikes likewise usually appear in less costly costs compared to other forms associated with bikes and are also better to maintain with fewer parts when compared with other bicycle counterparts.

The particular body structure of a fixed bike consists of the sprocket being placed on its hub producing freewheeling tough. This kind of arrangement helps the actual pedals proceed continuously when the bicycle is within motions, following path with the steering wheel. A fixed gear bicycle can easily and securely function together with or without brakes given that preventing the motions with the pedal will immediately stop the bike, even though there are some places where it is illegal to have bicycles not equipped with brakes.


Now let’s compare some of the features of fixed gear with geared bikes.

Feel: The fact that you can’t coast keeps your legs moving, in a way taking the place of the gears. And because you have to keep pedaling you become more in tune with your speed especially when navigating hills. An apt comparison between the feel of a fixed and a geared bike is much like that of manual and automatic cars.

Better Exercise: Because you can’t switch gears when biking up hills, riding a fixed gear bike is hard. But once you build the strength in your legs, you will be able to ride up them much faster. At the beginning, especially with steep hills you may need to dismount and walk. And constant pedaling improves the circulation to your legs and keeps your muscles supple.

Commuting: On long rides when you have to stop short it may be better to ride a conventional road bike. For a commute with many hills it may make more sense to be able to shift, so that you don’t get into the office super sweaty.

Stuff: If you have lots of stuff to carry, it may be beneficial to have a conventional road bike. You can buy bicycle accessories for your bike which will more easily accommodate a road bike than a fixed gear.

Positions: If you’re riding for long periods of time a conventional bike may be better because it allows your body more positions. With different handlebars you can shift your weight and be more comfortable.

Because bikes are so customizable with so many bike accessories, you should really consider how you intend to ride. Then you can choose a specific style of bike, whether it’s a hybrid, folding, fixed-gear or conventional ride and add bike accessories to make your ride more comfortable and convenient.


  1. Veronica

    I have a fixed gear, 20″ wheel, and I’m selling it because I have to pedal twice as much to get to the normal speed of a 26″. It’s exausting.

    • Tuan Do

      Hi Veronica,
      Most folding bikes use oversized chain ring and small rear cog to provide you the same feeling as a 26-inch bike. You can even reach high speed faster with small wheels.

  2. Veronica

    Mine probably has the same size as all the rest, that’s why it happens. The size of those parts is something to keep in mind when buying a fixed gear. I didn’t know that.

  3. Joana

    This was a really helpful article! I’ve been trying to figure out what a fixed gear bike is and how it functions relative to a geared bike, this explained it well! :)


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