Dahon Vitesse D7 Review, Can It be Your Daily Partner on the Road
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Dahon Vitesse D7 Review, Can It be Your Daily Partner on the Road

Dahon Vitesse D7 Review, Can It be Your Daily Partner on the Road

Cycling is a key part of life for so many people, who live in the United States these days. It’s worth noting that this type of physical activity has a lot of tremendous health benefits. There is no question that cycling helps people stay healthy. If you are an active lifestyle enthusiast, then you are unlikely to be able to imagine your life without a bike.

Keep in mind that you must be very selective when it comes to picking a bike. The big question is – what type of a bike do you need? Let’s try to get the answer. Now, we’ll explain to you what you should look for in a bike. First and foremost, you need to pay a close attention to the bike’s features. Your job is to pick a bike the fits your needs in the best possible way.

Would you like to travel with a bicycle? If this is the case, you need to consider lightweight bikes which are easy to carry. And of course, we would recommend you to buy folding bikes. You’ll certainly find it easy to fold/unfold your bike when such a need arises. Additionally, folding/unfolding is a simple process that doesn’t take a cyclist too much time.

It’s pretty easy to travel with folding bikes. You should also consider folded size of a bike. You need to make sure that a bike is compact when it’s folded. That means that you’ll not find it hard to carry a bike and store a bike inside a building. You’ll be able to take a bike on car, bus, train and other types of public transportation. So, the bike is likely to provide you with great experience.

Dahon’s Vitesse D7 Folding Bike

If you analyze customer reviews of Dahon folding bikes, you’ll see that these bikes have built a solid reputation on the market. The reality is Dahon bikes have a lot of positive reviews. Almost all cyclists, who own a Dahon folding bike, have a happy smile on their face. There is no question that Dahon has become an incredibly popular brand that needs no introduction in the world of cycling.

It’s worth noting that Vitesse D7 has recommended itself as one of the best Dahon’s folding bikes available on the market these days. You should know that this type of a folding bike is compact and comfortable. Another important thing that Dahon Vitesse D7 folding bike impresses cyclists with its great features. You need to be aware of that the bike has everything that a cyclist needs to ride fast, easy and safely.

Today, you’ll get a great opportunity to dig deeper into Dahon Vitesse D7 folding bike. First of all, we’ll briefly describe the bike’s key features. Also, we’ll explain to you what you can expect from the folding bike. Lastly, we’ll outline the pros and cons of Dahon Vitesse D7 folding bike. As a result, you’ll have everything that you need to know about the bike. This will help you figure out whether the Dahon Vitesse D7 is worth buying or not.

Price: $799 (Amazon)

Nowadays there is a popular trend develops towards retaining good health and while doing so looking after the environment. Folding Cycles are the perfect way associated with achieving both, especially if you are commuting to work every day. This means that one could conveniently fold his bike and put it in the boot of the car, drive for the main way to work and after parking and conclude the journey with the bike.

This form of travelling in big cities is great because not only you become fitter but also can reduce amount of carbon release in the air and the awful frustration of being stuck in traffic jam. Very often you will discover that you happen to be moving faster than cars since they are going to trapped in the traffic jam or maybe creeping along in the queue regarding slow relocating traffic.

Now let’s take a look at Dahon’s Vitesse D7. One of the best folding bike available in the market now.

Internal city travelers searching for lightweight personalized transport will discover Dahon’s Vitesse D7 a compelling solution. It falls under the company’s city utility brand of folding bike, which indicates it is perfect for quick trips on your favorite location like weekend rides round the park, café and regular office journey. This bike got a great look, so don’t get surprised if heads turn when you take it to get a spin.

Arriving at 26 lbs, this equipment folds to a size 29 x 80 x 66 cm (11.3″ x 31.2″ x 25.7″) only in just 15 mins, so it could be fitted in the trunk is very easy. Its 20-inch small wheels and 7 speed settings are usually enough for taking you anywhere you desire around city. One point commuters are certain to appreciate could be the bike’s design that enables riders to help sit within a comfortable upright position, decreasing the possibilities of back pains and neck cramping pains.

The sturdy frame is made out of aluminum alloy with custom Sonus tubing, while the spokes are of stainless steel. This bike can carry a maximum capacity of 230lbs and can accommodate riders between 4’8″-6’4″. The flat handle bar features BioLogic Ergo grips and the saddle has a BioLogic Como seat.

The Dahon Vitesse D7 is easy to fold or unfold. Right from the box, simply unfold the frame, straighten the handlebars, set the seat post to where you’re most comfortable, and off you go. The fantastic build quality means it will last you a long time if you take good care of it. The front and rear ProMax V spring breaks are powerful enough to give you confidence while on the road.

Folding bike reviews will not be complete without mentioning some limitations, and the D7 does have a few of them. Without adequate suspension, this bike will not do for rough trail rides. The 7-speed system might also prove to be lacking for those who want to really crank up the speed. So get this bike only if you’ll use it for quick rides around the city, not for serious long-distance or off-road bike training.



  • Can be easily folded and unfolded
  • The internal gear hub requires less maintenance.
  • Very durable
  • Stunning design and strong frame
  • Nice riding performance


  • Without adequate suspension.
  • Not good for long distance riding.
  • Expensive bike with no real warranty.

So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to get a bike go get this folding bike. If can be a perfect choice with all of its advantages.

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