Sueh Q6 - 7 Speed Folding Bike Review - Folding Bike 20
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Sueh Q6 - 7 Speed Folding Bike Review - Folding Bike 20

Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

The Sueh Q6 is a basic folding bike. Ideal for recreational use during travel or around town. This 7 speed bike can handle decent hills but is not recommended for commuting. You’ll definitely like the bike’s design. It’s worth noting that Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bike has fashion design. It’s fair to say that the bicycle has been designed in an unusual way. What is great about Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed model is that the bicycle comes in multiple colors. That means that you’ll be able to pick the bike of your favorite color.

Another big advantage is that Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed is an easy to fold and easy to carry bike. Would you like to carry a bike? Or, maybe, you want to transport a bike from one place to another? No problem. You should know that Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed is a small and lightweight folding bike. The bicycle will decrease in size dramatically and become much smaller if you choose to fold it. Once the Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed is folded, you’ll find it easy to take your bike on a bus or train. After you arrive to the necessary place, all that you need to do is to unfold the bicycle. Thus, you’ll be able to travel with your bicycle.

And of course, we need to pay a close attention to the bike’s key features. It’s worth noting that the bike comes with Shimano 7 speed system that contributes greatly to performance. Do you need to go uphill or go downhill? With such a folding bicycle as Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed you’ll find it easy to overcome all types of challenges along the way.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed has been designed with rider’s safety in mind. In other words, the bicycle comes with the up-to-date breaking system. There are breaks on bike’s front and back wheels. This makes it possible for a cyclist to stop the bike quickly when such a necessity arises.

In this bike review, you’ll get an opportunity to explore Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bike carefully. first of all, we’ll briefly describe the bike’s key features and specifications. After that, we’ll turn your attention to the bike’s performance and explain to you what you can expect from Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bike. Plus, we’ll outline the pros and cons of Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bicycle. Above all, we’ll provide you with images of the bike. Finally, we’ll allow you to take a look at Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bike’s customer reviews. So, you’ll be able to see what happy and unhappy customers say about Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bicycle. Hopefully, this will help you make your own conclusions about the bike.

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Colors: Orange, Black, White
Frame: Aluminum
Fork: Aluminum
Stem: Steel (adjustable height) SUEH
Handlebar: Aluminum 54cm
Seapost: 40mm x 510mm SUEH
Shifter: 7 speed SUEH
Brake Levers:SUEH
Brakes: Hui Hong double disk system for SUEH
Derailleur: Speed system SHIMANO (7 speed)
Crankset: Steel SUEH
Cassette: Shimano 7 speed
Chain: WFC for SUEH
Rims: Aluminum SUEH 28 holes
Hubs: Aluminum SUEH
Spokes: Stainless Steel SUEH
Tires: Zhao Yang 20″
Tubes: Zhao Yang
Pedals: Aluminum and Plastic (none foldable)
Weight: Approx. 12.25kg or 27 lbs
Bike Size: 152cm(L) x 100/123cm(H) or 59.84″(L) x 39.37″/48.42″(H)
Folding Size: 82cm(L) x 58.4cm (H) x 33cm (D) or 32.28″(L) x 23″(H) x 13(D)
Folding Time: Approx. 10 to 15 Seconds
Warranty: 6 months



The Sueh Q6 is a slight improvement from the Q1. The main difference being the double disk breaks and lighter frame (27 lbs). I didn’t notice any shifting problems on this bike which lead to a smoother ride than my experience with the Q1. It could be the difference in the chain since both bikes are Shimano 7 speeds.

With the slight improvement noticed in the Q6, this bike still features some of my main concerns. The folded dimensions are still too large and the pedals do not fold. I cannot recommend this bike for commuting, but it could be a decent choice for recreational use.


  • Reasonable Weight – 27 lbs
  • 7 speeds


  • Non-folding Pedals
  • Folding Size is still too large
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Warranty – Only 6 Months

Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews statistics, up to 88% of cyclists are happy with Sueh Q6 – 7 Speed folding bike. Happy clients say “great bike, I really love it”, “the bike is easy to ride”, “quality bike”, “Five Stars” and so on. Up to 12% of cyclists have left negative feedbacks about the bike. Unhappy clients say that “bike’s tires are cheap”, “poor assembly quality” and so on.


The Sueh Q6 is recommended for recreational use. Read more reviews.

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Review Overview

Riding Experience

Below Average

Recreational use only.

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